Saturday, April 30, 2011

Antiseptic Spray

It is spring time and that only means one thing.  Spring Cleaning.  Why do we always spend so much time in the spring cleaning out our homes, barns, and garages?  I guess after the long winters up here we need an excuse to clean out all the dust, germs, and things that have collected in our homes from the furnace.  Well I too need to clean out the dust, cob webs, and just wash everything down.  We have to let our house air out before we shut it up for the summer and turn on the air conditioner.  Since environmental allergies prevail in my home I don't have a lot of time in the spring to air out my house before we need to shut it up to keep all the pollen out.  One thing that I like to use in my home is a home made antiseptic spray.  It is made of water and essential oils.  No chemicals for my home!!!  

A dear friend who taught me to make my own lotions gave me a great book.  Seasons of Aromatherapy has many wonderful recipes for home remedies only using a dozen different essential oils.  I have used a lot of these recipes just as they are and some I have tweaked to meet my needs.  The recipe for the antiseptic spray is in this book.   

Here are my supplies. I am getting ready to make my antiseptic spray

There are 2 different recipes for the spray.  I like the cold and flu recipe because it has tea tree oil in it and a few other essential oils.  The tea tree oil kills bacteria and germs!!

Here are the essential oils that I use.  You can buy them on line or at a local health food store. 

I use an old shampoo bottle to store my antiseptic spray.  I fill it almost all the way up with water and then I add my essential oils.  I then fill it the rest of the way up.  I use this to fill a spray bottle.

Here is the finished product. I shake it up and pour it into my spray bottle.  I set the spray bottle on a fine mist.  I spray it on my counters, tables, trash cans, in the air, on my kids toys, beds, and anything else that you might want to sanitize. 

In the winter I will pour some of this into my kids humidifiers.  It helps keep bacteria and mold from growing in them and the Eucalyptus and Lavender really helps with the cold and flu.  Here is the recipe for the antiseptic spray!!  Enjoy and get those houses clean!!

Antiseptic Spray
3 drops Eucalyptus
4 drops Lavender
7 drops Lemon
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Tea Tree

Add this blend to 1 quart of water.  I use whatever container I can find.  If it is smaller than 1 quart that is fine.  The mixture will be more concentrated which I like.  If you want it more diluted use a 1 quart or larger container. 

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Amanda said...

This is really awesome!! My daughter usually gets sick during winter with the stuffed nose stuff, and we are always having to use the humidifier!! And now I finally have a recipe that will help her! Thank you!