Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Goats

Today was a gorgeous spring day here in Ohio.  We finally had some warmth and a strong breeze.  My older son had state testing at a hotel that was not far from a bike trail and some public historical farms.  So we went on a short walk on the bike trails. The warm air blowing across us was so great to feel.  My boys were just taking in God's great creation.  They were listening to the birds sing, identifying different plants springing up from the ground and watching the rushing water from the streams.  We went from the trails to a historcial farm that has a barn full of animals.  Spring time means babies and this barn was full of babies!!!  I was so upset that I had left my camera at home.  There were a bunch of goats that had triplets.  One looked like they were just a few days old.  The sheep pen was full of lambs too!!!  But what took us by surprise was one goat who was obviously in labor.  My older boy wanted to stay and watch her give birth.  I debated on staying but sometimes it can take hours.  She looked miserable but she still stopped panting and pushing long enough to let us pet her.  We will be back over there on Thursday so we will have to stop by again and check to see if she had her babies and how many. 
Goats are one of the friendliest animals.  We have two Nubian goats that are at my parents farm.  My older son takes them for 4-H.  They are just so lovable and social.  The goats are as big as he is but that does not stop him from walking them around the farm and showing them in the ring.  Yes, my son is allergic to them. We just make sure he washes his hands after touching them.  And during the fair he lives on allergy medicine and benadryl.  My son goes out in the pen and just lays on the goats.  They love it and crave the attention from people.  That is why it is not good to buy just one goat.  They are very social animals and need to have a friend. 

Here are my sons goats at the fair.  These are both his goats.
  They were in the same class so a friend showed the other goat for him.  

I snapped a picture of Freddy all tuckered out at the fair.  We came back in the evening to check on the goats before we went home for the evening and Freddy had fallen asleep on the water bucket and his ear was laying in the water. The goats loved all the attention they got from the fair.  People were constantly coming through the barn and stopping to pet them!!!

Goats can be dressed up just like any other animal.  Freddy actually loved wearing his Indiana Jones hat that I made for him.  The saddle bags I made were filled with a map, digging tools, and a whip.  Indiana Jones and Indiana Goat had a great time at the Goat Costume Contest!!

Spring time brings all kinds of baby animals.  From bunnies, lambs, goats, puppies, and kittens.  What ever the baby is just remember they do eventually grow up and get bigger!!!  

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Mary said...

I love the picture of Indiana Jones and Indiana Goat!!! Star and Freddy are getting huge!