Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cake Decorating

My son's cub scout group has a cake auction every year.  The cakes are so neat to look at.  All the kids and parents get so creative with their cakes.  It is a friendly competition.  We have local officials come in and judge them.  Then afterward we have a local auctioneer auction off the cakes and raise money for the cub scout group.  It is a lot of fun.  This year both my boys are in cub scouts so we had to make two cakes!!!  My oldest did almost all of his own decorating.  He made a castle complete with a few edible chocolate rocks.  I think he did great with his first cake!!!

My younger son had a bit more help decorating his cake.  It is all edible too except for the string on the treasure map.  He made sure he had a few chocolate coins left over so he could eat them!!!  They get to take them tomorrow night to get judged and auction them off!!  Can't Wait!

Here is my oldest son's cake that he made last year for cub scouts.  It took us 6 hours to make from start to finish.  Since we had to make 2 cakes this year I insisted they be a little more simple.  It was my son's idea to use licorice for the dynamite.  He won 1st place with it!!

I make all my kids their birthday cakes.  My youngest son's cake's seem to center on the same theme every year.  Here are a few of his cakes that I have created over the last few years. 

As you can see my boys are a little spoiled when it comes to birthday cakes.  I got lazy this year and did not spend a lot of time on their cakes.  My oldest loves ice cream cakes so I haven't been making a lot of fancy cakes for him lately.  I still get to make some fancy cakes for other events.  Here is a baby shower cake I made for a friend!

Cakes are fun to make.  I am no Ace of Cake, but I still have fun making them and the look cute.  I make my own fondant.  I found a recipe for Marshmallow fondant on the web many years ago. Marshmallow Fondant Recipe  It is a good recipe.  I have learned over the years though to add xanthan gum powder to the fondant when you are sculpting it.  This fondant stays somewhat soft.  So if you are making figures you need to stiffen the fondant so it will dry out and keep its shape. I just use box cake mixes from the store.  Normally whatever is cheapest.  The cakes always turn out great and taste wonderful too!!  Sometimes I add food coloring to the cake batter and swirl to give an added affect when you cut open the cake.  I used red, white, and blue batter in the Herby cake.  The mystery machine had neon green and blue batter.  Kids love the bright colors and swear the cake tastes different.  Of course it does not change the flavor but I will never tell them that!!!

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