Monday, February 27, 2012

Resurrecetion Eggs

This is a post I did last Easter season. I posted it last year on Good Friday.  But I wanted to post it again to show how you can make your own Resurrection Eggs to use through out the lent season.

 Now that lent has started we got our Resurrection Eggs back out and began to put them up.  This a great way to help your kids realize what Easter is truly about.  We do color eggs and my kids get baskets with candy and things. I let my kids enjoy Easter but I really  am focusing on why we celebrate Easter.  These Resurrection Eggs helps my kids realize that we celebrate the empty cross.  That Christ gave his life and then rose again so that we could one day live with him in heaven. 

I do allow my kids to hunt eggs and believe in the Easter Bunny as well as Santa, the tooth fairy and such.  This is a matter of personal preference.  I was told once by a psychiatrist that a study had been done and kids who were not allowed to believe in fairy tale type things as a kid had a higher tendency to turn away from their faith when they were older.  So I let my kids believe in these.  We don't really push it and if they ask we do tell them the truth.  But we also focus on the real meaning of the Christian Holidays that we celebrate.  Here is the original post.

Have you ever seen the carton of Resurrection Eggs in the store?  It is a carton of a dozen plastic eggs.  In each egg is a Bible verse with a trinket to go along with it.  Through the 12 eggs the story of Easter is told.  The kids open up 2 eggs every Sunday after lent starts ending on Easter morning.  I always wanted to get some of them but they were always around $9-$10.  Me being frugal could never justify spending that much money on something I could make myself.  Instead of doing plastic eggs I did large eggs out of paper.  I used my computer and found pictures of what I wanted inside of the eggs.  Then I printed them out colored the eggs and laminated them.  On the backside of each egg I printed the Bible verse.  So my kids have read the verses and then we hung them up each week on the kitchen cupboards.  With the plastic eggs you would open them up and just leave the carton somewhere.  My eggs are hung up and we have a constant reminder of all that Jesus went through in order to save us from our sins. 
Here are the eggs we have hung.  Notice that two are missing. 
 We will be hanging those up on Easter morning.

Here are the last two eggs that are waiting to be hung up

This is the backside of the eggs.  They are all labeled 1-12 with the Bible verses. 

Today is Good Friday.  I used to never know why they called it Good Friday when Jesus was killed on that day.  But when you realize what Jesus went through, all that he did, so that we might live eternally with him, it is truly Good.  I urge everyone to start an Easter tradition with your kids or grand kids.  You can purchase eggs or make you own.  I have even seen where you can take real eggs.  Break off one end and clean them out.  Then you put in your verse with the trinket.  Then you take mod podge and put colored paper all over the egg including the whole you made. Then the kids have to actually break open each egg to get out the verse and trinket!!! 
 Easter is an exciting holiday.  It is more wonderful to me this year since my kids finally truly understand the meaning.  My kids got baptized in January along with their father.  They got to participate in their first full three fold communion.  The communion with the foot washing, love feast, and bread and cup.  They are telling me why Jesus died.  They are telling me what happened.  It is so exciting when you see your kids understand this loving act of Jesus.  
We still color hard boiled eggs, have Easter egg hunts, and do Easter baskets.  Those are traditions that the kids love.  But through the help of our Resurrection Eggs and a great church that really teaches our kids, this year the kids know and understand what Easter and Good Friday is all about!!

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hey we just bought these at these at the carpenter shop. I love your custom made ones. hope to get a blog of my own tomorrow. your canning buddy (student)!!!!!