Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you know what this building is?

How about now?

If you guessed an outhouse you would be right.  You don't see a lot of outhouses any more except for on Amish Farms.  The farm is over 100 years old.  The current kitchen and bathrooms were added on to the original house many years after it was built.  I love the house that I grew up in but  I had three siblings and one bathroom.  The outhouse was our second bathroom. I remember telling people about this in high school when I went on  trip with an all Ohio track team.  People were so surprised that something like this really existed. I had to convince all those city slickers that an outhouse was a real thing!!!

 This outhouse is still in working condition.  It does not look like anything great but when you had to go and the bathroom was being occupied you only had one other option.  After all of us kids left the house my parents finally added on to the house and put in a second bathroom.  Although the outhouse is not really needed anymore it still stands on the property. 
I think it is a great reminder of times past and adds character to the farm. 


Manders 19 said...

I take it I am you "City Slicker" friend LOL!!!!!

Hansen Family said...

My grandparents farm still had their outhouse even after they added a bathroom too... just plain neat to see those pieces of history!