Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last night we had several severe thunderstorms move through our area.  It dumped a lot of rain on our already saturated ground.  When I stopped at the farm today to check on animals I saw all the flooding.  I only had to go a mile down the road when I came to this. 

The small ridge of water in the middle is actually a drainage crick.  It is at least 6 feet deep.  There is a small shallow river at the tree line in the back.  In between the two is a small field that someone farms every year.  As you can see the river and drainage crick are flowing as one. 

The river also flows into a field on the other side as well

The river is normally about 6 feet or more below this point.

This canoe launch sign is sitting in water.  You normally have to climb down a hill to get to the river to launch your canoe

There is a wildlife trail on the opposite side of the road as the fields.  You could only get to the parking spot a few feet off the road.  The entire trail system was completely flooded

A small bridge that goes into the trails.  It is just barely peeking out of the water

My kids were amazed at all the water.  We are hoping for some dry weather soon.  We have not had enough dry periods to dry out the soil enough to get into gardens and fields.  I remember when this area flooded when I was a kid.  I have not seen it flooded this much in a while. We are praying for some sunshine.  We also had some tornadoes or high winds that did a lot of damage about 40 minutes north of us last night.  There are so many places in the country right now dealing with flooding and tornadoes and wind damage.  Please pray for all that have been effected in any way!!


Hansen Family said...

Wow! That is a lot of water for sure. We had some straight line winds and tornadoes nearby. All is well here and we are praying for those effected. Praying you get a dry spell soon!

Creations by Dina said...

The water is now going across the road where the crick is. I went through it and about an hour and a half later I went back through and it was a couple inches higher. We had showers about every hour today. It dumped hard again early evening. But all the water that is north of us has to go somewhere and it is all coming down here!! It is supposed to be dry the next 6 days. So we are hoping to be able to plant things soon!!

Amanda said...

I hope that the flooding didn't effect you guys or the farm at all?? And tornadoes...oh gosh those things are scary...I just really hope that you all get through this weather without anything bad happening. I wonder if all this rain now will mean a good summer season? I know people have been worried about there not being enough water, drought, things like that. I just hope you guys stay dry, and get to plant soon!