Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Horses

Meet Buddy!!

Buddy is a miniature horse at the farm.  He is actually slightly to tall to be considered a true miniature but we love him anyway.  Buddy came to the farm as a rescue.  The farm that he came from had a lot of regular sized horses.  Buddy was abused by these horses.  He had bite marks on him and he looked like he was starved.  When Dad brought him to the farm you could see every bone in his body.  Very sickly looking.  Within a month he began to fill out and look healthy.  Now you would never know that he looked that way.  He is still a little skittish around people but I used to be able to walk him around. 

I had asked for a horse since a was a small child.  I kept asking and my dad kept telling me sure, tomorrow.  Well tomorrow never came.  Then about 3 years ago they got Buddy.  "TOMORROW FINALLY CAME!"  I exclaimed when I saw the miniature horse in the barn.  Well they didn't buy me a horse when I was young but they had no problem getting a horse for the grandchildren.  The same thing with a swing set too.  You should see the nice swing set that dad built for the grand kids.  I guess we can see who rates tops in dad's book!!  HA HA!!

Meet Misty!!

Misty was added a year later.  They actually bought her when she was 5 months old.  She is also a miniature horse.  She is of the taller variety not those itty bitty ones.  Since they got her when she was young she is very friendly.  She will let all the grandchildren pet her and will eat out of their hands.  When some of the kids were smaller they would sit on her back and I would walk her around some.  We don't have a saddle so they don't ride her.  They just enjoy petting her and feeding her.  The horses have been put together for the last year and so far no babies.  So we think Buddy might be a dud.  That is ok though.  We still enjoy them. 
Buddy and Misty share the pasture with the two Nubian Goat Wethers that my son takes to the fair.  When he is working with the goats Misty gets a little jealous and comes up and wants to be petted too!!
The horses are fun for my parents, us kids, and the grand kids as well.  They don't eat as much as the regular sized horses either, so they take less to maintain. And as you can see they are not going without food!!


ELP said...

What beautiful horses!!!!! I have a friend here in Colorado that raises and shows miniature horses. They are so sweet!
Have a wonderful day , we are going to get more rain today, so I best get out into the garden this morning.

Mary said...

What wonderful pictures of the horses! I love pictures like those! Do the boys ever get in the pasture and play with the miniature horses? It's funny the way that Misty gets jealous of the goat's attention!

Farmer Sis #1

Hansen Family said...

Awww, sweet Buddy! He does look good now! And funny about how the parents give the grandkids all the cool stuff! My dad is currently building a log cabin, from absolute scratch, for my children! Don't remember ever asking for one, but I am quite sure the answer would have been, "Uh, no, I don't have time for that ;)". so glad you got your horse!
Oh and how do you make the fudgesicles? You have peaked my interest!