Monday, May 9, 2011

My Dad's Greenhouse

This is my Dad's pride and joy!!  In fact when he found out why I was taking pictures of the green house he instructed me to take more and what to take the pictures of!!
My dad has done home construction for the last 40 some years.  He does not throw anything away.  When he removes windows from a home he keeps them.  The same with extra siding, lumber, and other building materials.  He built this green house out of recycled materials.  When he was building it I helped hold pieces up while he was nailing them in.  It is not real big but serves it's purpose.  He is ready to build a bigger and better one a little closer to our big garden.  We put all the plants in it that we start inside.  This helps them harden up some before we plant them in the ground.  We need to build another shelf on each side to put more plants on.  We are running out of room.  I guess that is why he wants to build a bigger one!!

Here is the back of the green house.  This side faces the north.  Since that side never gets any sun he used old garage doors for the wall.  Left over shingles are on the roof on the back side.  This helps keep the heat in at night.  The chicken coop he built butts up against the green house.  The chicken coop is made from recycled materials too.  That will be another blog!!

A brick path through the middle.  Dad says that these bricks heat up in the sun all day long.  Then they release the heat back into the green house out night.

There are two big black barrels that are full of water.  Why are they full of water?  Well according to dad the black barrels of water absorb heat all day long.  They also release heat all through the night.  Here in Ohio even though the days are getting warmer it still gets pretty cold at night.  These things help the temperature of the green house to not drop too low and let all of or wonderful plants die.

Here is the temperature of the greenhouse.  The temp outside that day was only 65 degrees.  When we went back in a half an hour later the temp had risen to 100 degrees.  It felt nice in there.  I think the plants liked it too.  Dad also has a thermometer in the green house that measures the high and low for the day as well as the current temp.  He has another one that has a remote from the greenhouse to the house.  So at any time he can sit at the kitchen table drinking his coffee and know what the temperature is of his greenhouse!!!  A little obsessive, yeah, but we love dad anyway!!

Here are a bunch of the plants in the greenhouse.  Looks like a lot doesn't it!!  Well there are many more plants still inside  waiting to be brought out.  All these plants will need to be planted by hand in the big garden (more than an acre) next month.  I guess it is good that the garden is a family project.  My brother and his wife will come and plant.  I will bring my kids and we will plant.  My middle brother will bring his kids up on the weekends and they will also help plant.  And of course my parents will do a lot of planting since the garden is on the farm!!!

My dad taught me to recycle.  Anything can be used again for another purchase.  Some people may call his keeping everything being a pack rat, but I know how he thinks.  If he can use something for another purpose why throw it out.  He helped my son build his rabbit hutch last summer out of all recycled materials too.  We just painted it up and it looked like it was brand new.  You will meet the bunnies in another blog as well. 
So my tip for the day:  Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.  If we all did a little more of this we could keep our planet healthy and beautiful.  God gave us this planet and we are the care takers.  We need to take care of what God has entrusted to us.  Have a blessed day!!


Hansen Family said...

Hi! Just found your blog via another and just had to comment!! I LOVE your dad's greenhouse! What a genious and what a blessing that he saves, recycles and shares. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

What an incredible project! I love that he saved all those bits and pieces and recycled them into such a beautiful and useful project.

I also love that he has a remote sensor for the thermometer! My dh would do that, too!

Mary said...

Great blog Dina. Tell your Dad thanks for sharing, Ha Ha!!

Manders 19 said...


The pics turned out great!!! I can see your dad following you around while you take them a little to easily:)

SparingChange said...

Love the greenhouse. Hubby and I are talking about building one ourselves out of used windows as well.

We are also in Ohio! Warren/Youngstown area.

Amanda said...

What a beautiful greenhouse, and an awesome idea about the barrels! I have always wanted a greenhouse...