Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Family Garden

When I say family garden I don't mean my husband, kids, and me.  Our family garden is a true 3 generational garden.  The garden is planted on my parents farm where we spend most of our time.  It is some what large.  But in order to feed my parents, my youngest brother and his wife, my family of four, and my middle brother's family of 5, we need it to be big.  We can, freeze, and dehydrate all of natures bounty and put up most of it to feed our families for a year. 
My parents are both retired, but that does not mean that they have stopped working.  The garden seems to get larger every year!!  With new raised beds and fruit crops planted every year as well!!

Here is the main garden.  As you can see it is still very wet.  It even sits on top of a hill.  We are supposed to have several days of dry weather.  So hopefully it will dry out enough that we can start planting.  This garden will be filled with sweet corn, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, peppers, green beans, and at least 200 tomato plants.  And anything else we can think to plant and still have room!!
This is the smaller garden located next to the farm house.  It sits lower and is more saturated than the big garden.  We plant mainly root crops in here and spring crops like peas and radishes.  

 Black Raspberry bushes line the end of the garden next to the pine trees.  We got loads of them each year to make pie filling, eat fresh, and freeze!!

Here is the older raised bed of strawberries.  It is loaded with blossoms and unripe berries.  As you can see when stuff dries out we will get some weeding done!!

Here is the newer raised bed of strawberries.  This one is a lot easier to pick.  I can just taste all the strawberry pies and jam!!

Here are the newest raised beds.  These have onions, beats, carrots, and lettuce in them.  They are covered to keep barn cats and other animals out of them.  The groundhogs and rabbits love to munch on these crops.  So this year dad decided to try and deter them by covering the beds. 

There is even a small raised bed next to the outhouse.  This actually was one of mom's first green houses.  We would put plants in there and it was covered with old windows attached with hinges.  We would put plants in there that were started in the house to harden up before planted in the garden.  There is a rhubarb plant and some onions in there.  

As you can see we have a lot of work to do as soon as the ground dries up.  So we are praying for some nice warm weather and ready to start planting, planting, and planting!!!


Hansen Family said...

Wow just wow! I LOVE that you guys all work together on a multi-generational farm. That is our dream (to get our parents back to the farm and out of the city they all live in). This is truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Looks good Dina. It looks bigger.

Farmer's Wyfe said...

GREAT gardens...I'm envious!! So nice that you can work on them all as a family. Ours is sooo wet, too; my husband wants to give up on it. But I know the first warm day we have, he'll be out there! :)

no spring chicken said...

Truly impressive! What a wonderful provision you have for your family...

Blessings, Debbie

ELP said...

Your garden is soooo impressive. Do you grow everything you need for the winter?

Heritage Farmgirl said...

Retired farmers never retire, they just get slower at the job. The gardens get bigger because they KNOW the necessity of hard times and the link to the land when times are hard. Just beginning planting here and people are already requesting the surplus.Farmers Fate!!

Amanda said...

Wow, I absolutely LOVE all your garden space. Gosh to see all that full of produce would be just amazing...ok I'm jealous! But of course not jealous of all the weeding you guys have to do.

Creations by Dina said...

It is a lot of weeding but we have many family members sharing in the duty. The benefits though out weigh all the hard work we put in though!!

Ladybug said...

Just awesome garden.. We have all
raised garden beds.I'm New Follower
came over from Verde Farms ..
So enjoyed your blog..Keep up the
great posting..will be back

Warm Summer Blessings