Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!!

I know that April showers bring May flowers but it is May and it is still RAINING!!!  I am eagerly awaiting to pick mint to dry for tea.  I want to  pick dandelions to make jelly.  And our family garden is just waiting to be planted. 
 My parents live on the farm that I grew up on.  It is only 10 minutes from our house.  We plant a huge garden out there (over an acre) every year. Although my 3 brothers and I are all married the garden is still a family thing.  My younger brother and I both live within 10 minutes from the farm. We both still have keys to the house and it is like an extension of our own homes.  We plant, harvest and can from the garden.  We weed, help mow, take care of animals. Anything that my parents need we do.  They are retired now so we spend even more time on the farm. So even though we live in a small town just a few minutes from my parents farm, my kids are learning to grow up on a farm just like I did.  We still live the farm life!!
So anyway it is still raining and we are just sitting waiting for it to stop.  We are farmers and we have things to do.  At least the rain stopped long enough for me to pick violets for my violet jelly!!!

Here is the puddles in our yard. 
 It is the one low spot.

One good thing about the rain.
  It knocks all the pollen out of the trees and the air!!!

A bunch of dandelions waiting to open and for me to pick!!

The Grackles don't mind the rain!!  They have a nest at the top of this tree.  We have been watching them build it.  This picture is a little blurry.  I took it from inside the house (I got tired of standing in the rain) about 30 feet from the feeder.  So it is really zoomed in and you can see the rain!!

All this rain makes the grass green and grow like crazy.
  My husband just got it cut again last night before the rain started again!!

We may complain about the rain now, but come July and August we will be wanting it back to water our gardens and fields.  Rain is just a part of our weather cycle each spring.  Here in Ohio we get tired of the snow in the winter, the rain in the spring, and the heat during the summer.  At least in the fall we have all of our beautiful colors of trees changing and the golden fields of  wheat and the harvest!!!  I think that is why fall is a lot of peoples favorite season in this area.  Even though we complain about the snow, rain, and heat during the different seasons I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  I love the weather seasons.  It  is a constant reminder of God's seasons of life.  "To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:" Ecclesiastes 3:1.  I normally read the NIV but I love how this verse is written in the King James Version.  Have a blessed spring day, rain or no rain!!

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