Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Dresses

It is May and Wedding season is coming upon us.  I have been very busy helping people get ready for weddings.  I have been doing alterations on wedding dresses, brides maid dresses, and dresses to attend weddings.  I am getting ready to make cupcakes for wedding too.  My best friend from high school is getting married in June and I am busy making dresses, vests and ties for the wedding party.  I am so happy to do this for her.  I will make sure to get pictures when everyone is dressed in their outfits!!  It may seem like a lot of work but nothing compares to the wedding I did a few years ago for my best friend from collage.  She got married in the fall and I basically did her entire wedding.  It was my gift to her.  I made her wedding dress, 6 bridesmaids dresses, the bouquets, and almost all of the decorations for the reception.  I was working for almost a year on everything.  My husband vowed that I would never do that again.  I think he felt a little neglected.  Or more that the house work was being neglected.  It turned out beautiful.  She chose burgundy and light pink as her colors.  They went well with the fall colors that she decorated with. 

Here are some of the bouquets I made. 
The flower ball was made for the Junior Bridesmaid.
She loved it and it made her feel special that no one else had one!

These bouquets were for all the brides maids. 
The one with the burgundy bow was the matron of honors!

This is the flower girls basket.  She threw flower petals down.

This is what we used as the centerpiece  for the tables at the reception.
It was very simple yet elegant.  We had glitter all over the floor of my garage!!

This was the brides bouquet.  We saw the design in a bride magazine.
So we bought the flowers and I whipped it up for her!!

These are buckeye bells.  My friend lives in Michigan but is a huge Ohio State fan.
She wanted to have a little piece of Ohio at her wedding.  So I made these
bells which hung at the tops of an arch which she was married under.
If you look closely the entire bell is covered in real buckeyes!!! She also had
buckeyes scattered on the tables with a few fall leaves as well!!

Here are all the pumpkins made up in the garage. 
Notice all the glitter on the floor.  We tried to get it cleaned up but it took many months for all the glitter to finally be out of there.  My husband is a clean freak and normally you could eat off the floor in his garage so the glitter bothered him a little!!!  Ha Ha!!

 Here is the front of the matron of honor dress

Here is the back of the dress.

 The rest of the brides maids dresses were light pink!!

The trains in the back were burgundy!

Here is the brides dress.  I designed her dress for her.  The veil was from an aunt.  I altered the veil to match the dress.  It was a full length veil.  I cut it down to a length that would look nice but still show off the detail of the dress. 

Here is the back.  She wanted the burgundy accent and train.  The zipper was underneath the laced corset.  It was a pain to lace up but it looked so beautiful on her.  Her husband had  lot of fun helping her get out of it.  He complained to me later how hard it was to try and get it unlaced.  At least it wasn't going to fall off of her!! 

The wedding ended up being on a hot October day.  The colors looked so beautiful together coupled with the fall leaves that she had on the head table and the pumpkins on the guest  tables.  I was so happy to do this for her.  When people found out all I did for her wedding and that it was a gift, they said that they wished they were my friend!!!  My talents are a gift from God and I love to use them to help other people!!!


Mary said...

Is that Kara? you did a great job!! No wonder you have not had time to do anything else. Love the pumpkins. That will be a pretty wedding. Hope the weather cooperates. Take pics to show everyone.

Manders 19 said...

Wow what a great looking wedding!!!! I hope with all those buckeyes it was in Ohio! Wait this is my wedding and I live in Michigan!!!

Lolitha said...

All the dresses were nice. Usually flowery design attract every people and admire them. Every bride had a dream about their wedding dresses which should attract and inspire all of them in a wedding ceremony.