Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Bunnies Part 2

Here is an update on how the baby bunnies (kits) are doing.  They are now 3 weeks old.  Last Monday they were 2 weeks old.  They began to get out of the nesting box quite a bit.  They are very curious.  They want to see what is going on.  Here is some pictures at 2 weeks old.  Since they move around quite a bit I had to take several pictures to get them all. 

By 2 weeks old they were able to jump in and out of the nesting box.  On one hot day they were playing in the water dish.  What a great way to cool off.  They have their very own little swimming pool.  They are drinking some water now too and occasionally we will see them nibble on some rabbit pellets. 

Here are the pictures of them at 3 weeks old.  They turned 3 weeks old today!!  The kits are getting very curious and playful.  We see them doing things now that the older rabbits do.  They groom themselves and play around in the cage.  My son has named them.  I told him that once he sells them that people will re-name them.  He was OK with that. 

From left to right is Sugar, Shadow, and Pepper

Here is Cinnamon hiding behind mommy

Shadow and Pepper jumping around. In the top left you can see
 the butt of Sugar jumping back into the nesting box.

Pepper tends to be the most curious and ornery one.

In a few more weeks we will have to ween them and get them ready to sell.  That will be a hard day for my son but we can't keep them to long.  We don't have a bunch of cages to separate them out into.  We have not sexed the kits yet.  Sexed is the term that is used when you determine the sex of your rabbit.  To sex your rabbit is to check and see if it is male or female.  We should be able to do this pretty soon.  It is hard to tell on very young kits.  So in a week or so we can see what they are.
The all black one and the solid Castor (brown) one are of show quality.  Which means they have the right markings that they can be shown in any rabbit show for 4-H or open class.  The black and white one and the Castor and white one do not have correct markings.  They can be sold as pets.  Mini-Rex rabbits make great pets.  Their fur is short, dense, and compact.  Plus they don't get real big.  A full grown Mini-Rex only gets to about 4 1/2 pounds.  So they are great for kids.  They can be kept inside the house or outside.  They are very friendly and if trained well rabbits can even be litter box trained!!
My son is training one of his older bucks for the Pet PALS program.  I will do a blog on that later.

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ELP said...

Those bunnies are so CUTE and look so soft. Sadly I am soo allergic to bunnies
Have a great week

Amanda said...

OMGoodness they are so darn CUTE!! Thanks for sharing.

Creations by Dina said...

Thanks. We think they are darn cute too. They grow so fast and change so much every day. Just like human babies!!! They are eating quite a bit now. We have to go buy more feed!! They are still nursing though and will nurse until we pull them from their mama!

Ladybug said...

Just too cute... We have lots of
Sonora Desert Rabbits(wild ones) this years..

Did you know Rabbits love Green
Beans and can eat your whole patch
very quickly ... Reason for having
our garden all enclosed and fenced
Have a Great Day...