Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crochet Cotton

I have been doing some more crocheting.  It is easy and things make up so fast.  I first did a baby hoody.  This is a neat pattern that I found on Lion Brand Yarn Company.  It is in the free pattern section  under Zip-Back Hoody .  The pattern is for 9 months or 18 months.  I made a 9 month size and did not use up an entire skein of yarn.  I love the design of this.  It makes it easy to dress your baby in a warm sweater.  The zipper is in the back away from the baby's neck too.  This is the first time I used this color of yarn.  I love the different shades of pink mixed with the brown.  A lot of people are starting to get away from using just pastels with their babies!

I finished the baby sweater a few weeks ago.  Now that it is getting hot out I normally don't work with a lot of yarn.  I find that sitting with yarn on my lap makes me hot.  So If I crochet or knit in the summer I am normally making something out of crochet cotton.  You can normally find it in the stores under Lily's Sugar N Cream, Bernat's Handicrafter Cotton or Lion Cotton Yarn.  Every yarn company has a different name for it but it is pretty much all the same.  It is also sometimes called Kitchen Cotton.  This is normally used to make wash clothes but you can now make so much more out of this. Go to  Sugar N Cream  and look under the free patterns.  There are so many neat patterns to make out of this cotton yarn. I have made myself a tank top out of it.  It is a little heavier and I normally wear it in the spring and fall.  Too hot for the summer.  I have also made hats and bags out of it too.  Here are the two newest things I have made.

This is  a beach bag that will be given as a gift to a teenage girl.  I got the pattern from Bernat Patterns , click on bags/purses and crochet.  You will see the beach bag pattern. I crocheted the granny squares together using back loops only instead of just sewing together like the pattern said.  I liked how it broke up the pattern some and made it lie flatter too.  This made up pretty quick.  I love the handles.  It is 3 rows of double crochet, then fold in half length wise and single crochet through both thicknesses.  I will use that to make handles for other things I crochet in the future. 

The last thing that I have made is a cotton dishtowel.  I have made a lot of wash clothes and they are wonderful.  They last forever and are nice and durable.  I found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn, Dorothea Dishtowels.  I made up one and it is so soft. The pattern is a single crochet, double crochet repeat.  I love the feel of it.  The comments say that it is very absorbent.  It made up very fast too.  I am working on a blue variegated one with green stripes right now.  I think I will be making a bunch of these to give as gifts for Christmas!!  It is nice because I can use up all my left over cotton yarn for the stripes. 

So hopefully over the summer I can get a few of these done in between planting, harvesting, and canning.  Last year I took my crochet along when we went camping.  I get up pretty early before everyone else. (My husband snores real loud so I don't sleep much)   So I make a fire and sit there crocheting dish clothes.  It is nice to sit out in nature with the birds chirping and the fire cracking.  It is so relaxing to just sit and crochet!!


Amanda said...

Hey, lookie there! I can finally post a comment on your blog!!! I LOVE all your crocheting your doing. I can crochet...but only single and double crochet into small lap blankets. I'm not nearly as good as you are!!! Wonderful job!

ELP said...

Beautiful crochet items. Love the bag, great colors and I am always knitting dishcloths. I should try crocheting some. I crochet a little but am pretty bad at reading patterns, I learned to knit first and knitted for years [decades] before I ever picked up a crochet needle. I am making granny squares though. Someday I may even have a blanket lol !
Have a wonderful day/weekend.