Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Garden Update

It has been a while since we planted the garden.  My parents keep planting more and more every day.  We are harvesting a few things already.  Here is a few pictures I took the other day.

Here is one of the raised beds.  The carrots are growing well and we have harvested a few to thin them out.  The beats are growing very well too.  We have also harvested some to thin them out.  The onions are getting huge.  We just pull them as we want some.  Some onions we let get nice and big to dry and store.

On the other side of the onions is a patch of lettuce that we have been harvesting and some cilantro that we will use to make salsa when the tomatoes are ready!!

Here are the second batch of peas.  They are looking good.  The first patch was planted in the lower garden close to the house.  They were fenced off but something still got in and ate them all. 

Pumpkins and squash growing well.  Notice the top soil.  Every time it rains here it has been flooding.  The top soil keeps getting washed away.  Hopefully we don't get any more flooding this growing season.

Here is a portion of the nearly 200 tomato plants.  They are doing well.  We had a couple of floods after we planted them, but they are on the highest part of the garden. 

Here is a patch of sweet potatoes.  Dad read in one of his garden books that sweet potatoes like it hot and damp.  It suggested to use the clear plastic.  The plastic keeps the moisture in and the heat in.  They are looking pretty good.  It is neat to look at the plastic.  On hot days you can see all the condensation just running back down the plastic back into the soil.  He waters them all around the edge of the plastic.

Here is a patch of beans growing.  There are several different types here.  Both green beans and some dry bean varieties. 

Here is a nice looking potato patch.  This is in the lower garden close to the house.  The black raspberry bushes are to the left of the potatoes.  The bushes are loaded and we have just started harvesting raspberries!!

The blue berries are ripening up too.  There is a lot of work to be done out here and I am a little disappointed I can't help.  I had abdominal surgery done on Tuesday so I am out of commission for a little while.  Good thing this is a family garden and not just mine.  So my parents and siblings will pick up the slack until I am fully recovered.  Hopefully I will be all healed up by the time harvest starts.  My pantry is getting low and I need to can a lot of goodies this year!!!

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Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

your garden is lovely! ours was planted late due to all the rains. love the plastic idea.

Mary said...

Your Dad's garden rules!!! Where are the weeds. Maybe he should stop by and get some, I'll share. Ha Ha

Ladybug said...

Hi Dina
That's awesome garden ...Your
Dad is so right about Sweet Potatos
they do love the "Heat"I was reading about the different
variety of Sweet Potatos thats grows well in your Climate Mother Earth News it's the best magazine for gardening...
Our best growing season is from
September to early June,Eggplants
love the "heat" do well in our
warm southwest climtate...Thanks for Sharing so enjoyed the post...
hugs.. Trish-Ladybug

Creations by Dina said...

Thanks Mary, Mom said you can keep your weeds though!! I think they all washed away with the top soil!

Thanks Trish, My dad does read Mother Earth News. They have only been gardening for 60 years but I guess you can always learn somehting new!!

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

That is one impressive garden! Looks like there will be plenty to harvest for all.

Millie said...

That is a huge garden! I guess with it being for more than one family it needs to be. Good thing they are there to help while you recover. Hope you recover soon.

Alana Jo said...

What a beautiful garden. I wish I had one like that. I do plan on clearing a space so that I can have one next year.

Eileen said...

This garden is so impressive. You would hardly need a grocery store in the winter. And it is so beautiful to look at the pictures I can't imagine the beauty to see it in person.