Monday, June 27, 2011

It's A Boy!!

It's a boy!!  And a girl, and a boy, and another girl!!  The baby bunnies (kits) are officially now 5 weeks old.  My goodness how time flies.  They grow so fast and seem like they get bigger every day.  They are finally at an age that we were able to sex them.  The term to sex a rabbit, means to determine the sex of a rabbit.  My son learned to do this last year when he was just 9.  He is very good at it.  He was able to determine the sex of the little ones last week.  So he is very proud that he has 2 boys (bucks) and 2 girls (does). 

These two little ones are boys.  They are a broken castor and broken black.
They are pet quality rabbits.  Which means that their markings are not
correct for rabbit shows.  They still are very pretty and
will make someone a great pet.  They seem to be the friendlier
than the two does.

This solid black one is a doe.  She is of show quality.  Her
fur is simply gorgeous.  Mini-Rex rabbits have short, dense, compact fur.
It feels like velvet.  If you pet a Mini-Rex and then a long hair or
other type of rabbit you will feel the difference in their fur.
The mother of these bunnies has almost perfect fur. 
Sometimes their fur maybe slightly too long for a Mini-Rex
or not quite compact enough.  For showing they judge on
quality of fur, body shape and type, color, and markings.
This little doe is solid black and has great fur.  So she will
make someone a great show rabbit!!

The one on the right is the other doe.  She is a solid castor.  As
she gets older the brown will darken up on her.  Castor is a
unique color in rabbits. It is part of the agouti color group.
What is the agouti color group? It is a group of colors that the
hair shaft forms a ring of color.  In general you have
a surface color, an intermediate color and a base color. 
When you blow on it's fur you will see this ring of color.
If you go back and see the first photos of these little ones at
Baby Bunnies , their skin was black.  When you blow
on the fur you will see the black close to the skin and
change color as the fur goes out.  My son just loves
blowing on the fur and seeing this!! She also has beautiful
fur and will make a great show rabbit!

Here are a few more pictures of the little ones. 
They are eating a lot of food now and are
playing all the time.  They are so fun to watch
and to hold.  Their mother Cotton though is still
very protective of her babies.  And she will let us
know when she is upset with us holding those babies.
She makes a lot of noise when we have the cage
open to long and are holding the little ones. 

The next series of photos was my attempt to get a shot
of all 4 bunnies in one photo.  They were not
being very cooperative and got too curious of the
camera as I was taking photos.  They eventually
all ran off to jump in the nesting box or go eat
or drink.  Their mama was happy when I finally
shut the door and left them alone!!

By next week we will have to start looking for new homes for these little ones.  They are so cute and it should not be that hard.  They are still nursing at night but they are also eating pellets and drinking water.  They do make great pets and can be kept in the home or outside.  And are great for taking into nursing homes.  They are so soft and stay small.  They top out at 4 1/2 pounds making them a perfect pet!!

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Manders 19 said...

I can't believe how big they got it seemed like the last time I was down there they were still so small!!! Seth has to be so excited. Tell him I think his bunnies are soooo cute!!

paperjunk-lc said...

We have Grey and white french lop bunny named Parsley. I've always wanted a dwarf bunny. Your's sure are cute.

TheUrbanRabbit said...

They are so pretty. We got two bunnies and were surprised to find out this weekend that we have a boy, possibly two. :) Bunnies are so much fun!

TheUrbanRabbit said...
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Ladybug said...

Love your Post... Enjoyed the
photos :-) Take your in my
Warm Blessings

Deb W said...

How adorable!! I have 4 Mini Rex (Mini Rexs?), each a different color. My first was a Lilac doe, SO not a show quality, but perhaps my favorite. I bought a Blue buck to go with her - then found blue and lilac are not the best color match genetically. So, I bought a Broken Black doe, then a Sable doe just because she was pretty ...... Do you see a pattern here? Even without breeding, rabbits have a way of multiplying! (I also have 4 French Angoras) I love my MRs - they are cute and funny and have great personalities!