Thursday, June 16, 2011


My kids love jerky.  The only thing about jerky is it is so expensive.  The fix is to make your own.  I like to make jerky using ground meat in my dehydrator.  I believe the best meat is venison, but when I am out ground turkey or beef will do.  I normally make up two pounds of ground meat at a time.  I normally will make 2 different kinds one for the kids and one for the adults.  Sometimes though I will make it all one kind.  Making jerky using ground meat takes a few things.  First you need your meat, a jerky gun, a dehydrator, and seasoning and cure.

Mix your meat with your seasoning packets.  Follow  the directions on the packet.  Sometimes I make jerky just following a recipe.  There are all kinds of recipes for ground meat jerky on the Internet.  It is cheaper to make your own, but I got the big box of jerky seasoning for a Christmas gift.  So either way prepare your meat and then load your jerky gun using the preferred tip. 

Squeeze out the desired length of jerky right onto your dehydrator.  Most jerky guns come with three different tips.  A wide flat tip, a small round tip, and a large round tip.  This is the small round tip.  I made a mesquite flavor and a teriyaki flavor.  Set your dehydrator to the meat setting and dehydrate for 4 hours or until dry.  Remove the jerky from the dehydrator and place on paper towels.  This helps adsorb any grease. 

Once your jerky has completely cooled it is ready to eat and store.  Store it in an air tight container.  It does not need to be refrigerated if it is eaten within a couple of weeks.  I find it normally does not last that long any way.  This batch lasted one day.  I took it to a friends house and with 8 kids running around It did not even last 30 minutes!!!  Good thing it is cheap to make!!!


Amanda said...

That looks so YUMMY!!! I can't believe how fast it went though :) Makes sense...beef jerky is...AWESOME! I don't have a jerky gun so it takes me a lot more time to make my ground beef jerky, so it doesn't get done very often :) You've left me drooling over here.

Creations by Dina said...

I got that jerky gun many years ago at Walmart for $14. The best $14 investment I ever made. I tried to make it a couple times without and what a mess trying to roll out the jerky between wax paper. The jerky gun makes it so simple and quick to make.