Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Mulberries!!

I picked more mulberries today.  They are continuing to get ripe and it is free food.  So I will pick as much as I can to can up.  Today I picked both the purple and white varieties.  The purple mulberry is red when unripe and then ripens to a dark purple almost black.  The white variety are green when unripe and turn white when ripe.  The black seeds are very noticeable in the white mulberries.  The white mulberry is very mild in flavor compared to the black. 

To pick mulberries you can do one of two things.  Either lay a clean sheet under the tree and shake the limbs.  The ripe berries will fall to the ground.  You just collect them off the sheet.  Or you can do it the old fashion way and pick them right off the tree.  Since the mulberry trees on the farm are at the edge of a wooded area and are not mowed around them, I climb a ladder and pick by hand.  I normally hold my bucket under the branch that I am picking because the slightest touch will have them falling to the ground.

Also in case you are wondering, it is called a Mulberry Bush when it is young as it gets more mature it grows into a Mulberry Tree.  I think every has sung the song  "All around the Mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel!!" So now you know.  It is the same thing.  The mulberry bush grows up to be a tree!

Here is the colander full of Mulberries.
 Aren't the white ones so pretty mixed in.

I decided to make another batch of mulberry spritzer. 
So I had my son mash up all the mulberries this time. 
He was very willing do to this task.  Almost a little to willing!!
Just look at all those white and purple berries mashing together. 
 It was so pretty!

Even though I had a lot of white berries in there  the batch when cooked
 up is still dark purple.  This is why you don't wear good clothes or
white clothes when working with mulberries. 
 Everything will be stained purple.  Especially
 your hands.  It does wear off after a
few washings though!!

Here is my old pillow case I use for a jelly bag.  It is stained with all
the purple things I have put through it.  The mulberry mash that
 is left over is light in color.  That is because all that dark purple
 came out into the juice. 

If you look at my last post  of the Mulberry Spritzer  this batch turned
out just as dark.  I did get almost 5 pints out of this batch.  The only thing
I did different was I did not add the spices and simmer it for a
 half an hour.  I just put my 2 quarts of mulberry juice in a saucepan
and added the 3 cups of sugar.  I brought it to a boil and then
poured it in my jars.  Then processes for 15 minutes. 
 My younger son did not like the spices in the first batch. 
 My older loves spices so he drank it all down.
  I like this batch better. Since I did not simmer it for 30 minutes
 I did not loose a lot of the juice to evaporation.

I will have to get more pectin so when I pick some more I can make another batch of jam.  I wouldn't mind making a pie or two either.  But the raspberries are starting to get ripe and cherries too. So It looks to be a very busy next few weeks!!   I love summer and get excited about picking and canning.  I love the free produce the best!!  It takes more work but it is so rewarding.  Especially come Christmas time when I have all these wonderful gifts to give and yummy drinks and jam to eat!! 

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