Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bunny Update

The baby bunnies (kits) are 9 weeks old now.  They are almost as big as their mother.  It doesn't help that their mother is small for her breed.  We only have one left in the cage.  We sold the castor and white buck when he was 6 weeks old.  He is doing well in his new home and the boys that bought him love him and pamper him.  The castor doe and the black and white buck was sold last night to a little girl who is just thrilled to have some bunnies.  She is in my son's 4-H group.  To young to show animals yet she is what they call a clover bud.  Someone from the age of Kindergarten and 3rd grade.  They let them come to meetings and do activities with them.  They just can't take projects or show animals at the fair.  But last month when my son took his rabbit that he is training for the Pet PALS program to the 4-H meeting for a demonstration this little girl fell in love with it.  She sat there the entire time just petting that bunny.  I told the mom that we had baby bunnies that would be ready to sell in a couple of weeks.  So at the meeting on Monday they asked if they were ready.  They came last night and bought two rabbits!!!  We were so excited.  Because the black doe that is left is actually going to the farm.  Grandma and Grandpa decided to keep it there for all the grand kids to enjoy.  Plus my son really loved that black one and wanted to keep it.  Can you say that he has Grandma and Grandpa wrapped around his little finger!!!

Here is the last bunny left in the cage.  Mother was a little less upset this time when we took out the other two.  I think she is starting to get tired of the little ones taking up so much space in her cage.  Especially last week during that heat wave. 

Here is a picture of mother and daughter.  The black doe does not show up real well.  A lot of times when the cage is shaded it is hard to see her in there.  I guess that is why my son calls her Shadow.  It is a good name for her.  The cage is not built yet for her.  When it gets finished we will then move her out to the farm.  This will help the mother dry up.  Even though the babies have been eating pellets since they were 3 weeks old the mother will still nurse them as long as they are in the cage with her. 

These are not the greatest pictures of the rabbits but they are not being very cooperative.  The mother still grunts and whimpers at us every time we open the cage.  Hopefully once all the babies are gone she will stop doing this. The fair is coming up in a couple of months and my son plans on showing her again.  It will be hard to show a rabbit that is being feisty!!

On a side note my son took his broken castor buck to a nursing home for the first time yesterday.  We took it to the assisted living place that my grandmother lives in.  Oh how the residents there loved that bunny.  They loved his color and how friendly and soft he was.  It was wonderful to see how a blind ladies face just lit up when the staff member took her hands and placed it on the rabbit.  This is all worth it and why my son joined the Pet PALS program.  He is not fully certified yet.  So we just don't say that he is a member yet.  We just told them that he has been training his bunny to sit in the basket.  The residents were all so amazed at how well behaved his rabbit was.  Now that my surgery was finally done and I am feeling a lot better we are going to have to make this a weekly trip.  My kids love it and my granmother and the other residents just love it too!!!

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Ladybug said...

Dina you must be so proud of your
son and his bunnies, what awesome
program for young children to be
apart of..Love hearing great posts
such as this..:-) Good to know you
are doing a lot better now and you
have it all behind you.
Many Blessings/Prayers