Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas Woodworking

I am going to be busy this week with VBS and 4-H judging so I thought I would share some things I have made in the past.  Today I am going to share two woodworking projects that I have made several of.  They are the Primitive Creche Puzzle and the Wise Man and Camels.  I found both of these designs in some old craft books that I got at the library.  I drew up the designs and created these.  I have given the Wise Man and Camels to many newly wed couples as a gift and to several people as a Christmas gift.  I have given the Primitive Creche Puzzle as a gift to many people and I have even sold a couple. 

The creche is made out of 1 inch thick pine wood.  The stable is cut from two pieces.  The front piece I use a scroll saw to cut out the nativity pieces.  Then the frame is glued to the back and sanded together as one piece.  The stable then is able to stand upright on a flat surface.  The nativity pieces have very little detail.  Eyes are added by drilling holes.  Crowns are added to the wise men by cutting slits on the top.  The puzzle has Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, 3 wise men, a cow, 2 sheep, the baby Jesus in the manger, and a donkey.  The nativity pieces also stand up in front of the stable. The wood is just sanded and I finish the wood using Tung Oil.    The Creche is great for display but is also great for play.  My kids love to put the puzzle together.  So do many other kids who I have given this Creche to.

The only thing that I learned to do was give a diagram with the answer to the puzzle.  I had a few friends try for a while to get the puzzle back together.  They were very happy to have a cheat sheet. 

TheWise Man and Camel is also made out of 1 inch pine.  The wise man is cut out of one piece then cut apart into smaller pieces.  It is painted then glued back together.  The arms are cut out of separate pieces.  The staff is cut from a dowel rod and put in his hand through a drilled hole.  The camel's bodies are cut out in one piece then the head is cut off.  Once painted it is glued back together.  The legs are all cut out separate and glued to the camels once they are painted.  The pieces are then glued to a board.  Once everything has dried then a sealer is put on the entire thing.  Now the fun starts.  I add the cloth around the hat.  The blankets on the camels and all the fringe.  The packs are then glued on as well.  I hand bead all the tassels before they are glued on.  It is so fun to decorate each of these.  All though they all look similar each one has a little different charm added as I add all the details to it.

These are just some of the fun things I have made out of wood.  Wood is such a great medium to work with.  It is wonderful to buy a board from the lumber yard and just dream of all the possibilities.  I love cutting out, sanding, and putting together my creations!!  I know it is only July but Christmas will be here before you know it.  I normally start making things in January for the following Christmas. 


Mary said...

Have a good time at VBS. We lost the cheat sheet for our puzzle but we have the puzzle memorized so we don't need it. Good luck on the 4-H judging. We're planning on going blueberry picking tomorrow. When did you make the two camels with the Wiseman?
Love you,

Ladybug said...

Yes "wood" is a great medium to
working with I have a passion for
woodcrafts..The Wiseman and Camels
It's a "WOW" did you us a pattern?
Great Post!!!


Brooke said...

My husband had one of these growing up and we would love to make one to have for our kids. Do you have the pattern to cut our own? If you do can you email me at Thanks!