Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fall Crafts

I love to paint.  I used to pain a  lot of scenery pictures but lately I have mainly tole painted.  Here are a few fall craft items I have painted.

These are paper mache boxes that I painted and filled with goodies.  I gave them to my son's preschool teachers and someone else.  I can't remember who.  I just know I did not keep one.  I love painting paper mache boxes.  The boxes are so inexpensive but paint up real nice.  They can then be filled with home made goodies and make a wonderful gift.

This was a purchased wooden plate that I painted and gave to a friend.  I love the pilgrims.  I need to remember this design this fall and paint it again. 

I have painted this design on so many different things.  I love this design.  It is fun and easy to paint and oh so cute.  I have painted it on wood trays, paper mache boxes, wood plates, and other wooden and paper mache items.  I also don't have one of these.  I need to paint one for myself.  I just think this little girl is so cute and the fruit and veges are so whimsical!!


Mary said...

The last one is so cute. Are you done with VBS?

Ladybug said...

Dina I love to paint as well,I taught classes for several years.
Your projects shows the love you have for painting,very talented!!!
Everything is "Awesome" thanks for
sharing with us ...So enjoy visiting your blog..:-)

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