Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce

I have been trying to clean out my pantry and get things used up.  As I can new things this season I have been trying to go through my pantry and use up jars of food.  Normally be the end of canning season I am tired of making pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato soup concentrate, salsa, etc...  So I just can all the rest of the tomatoes from the season into straight juice.  Then I use that juice throughout the year for other canning things.  If I run out of pizza sauce or tomato sauce before the next canning season I will use up that juice making more.  I also can pinto beans to use with Mexican dishes.  I can those in my own tomato juice. 
I noticed I had quite a few jars left over so I emptied them out in my big canning kettle.  I just kept pouring more jars in until it was close to being full.  Then I add all the rest of my ingredients and turned on the stove.  I bring to a boil then turn down heat and simmer for 4-5 hours.  I just simmer it until it gets to the thickness I prefer.  As with any tomato product you have to stir very frequently.  You can't put it on the stove and leave the house.  Tomatoes scorch very easily.  And you just can't get that taste out of your sauce.  Here is how full my big kettle is when I start cooking it. 

After 5 hours you can see how much the sauce has cooked down.  It went down several inches in the kettle and the sauce was nice and thick.  Oh it smells so good!!

Once you have reached your desired thickness pull it off the stove.  And fill your clean jars.  This recipe makes about 9 quarts.  I got a little over 8 quarts.  I did not want to run the canner for another 40 minutes for just one jar, so we had spaghetti for supper.  It was family approved!!  Now I have 7 jars to put in the pantry.  It is not a lot but a good start.  Our tomatoes are being slow to ripen right now.  So at least I can get a jump start on some sauce before the tomatoes finally all get ripe!!

The recipe I used is on the taste of home website. Here is the Spaghetti Sauce recipe.  I followed the recipe pretty close.  Except I just started out with my kettle full of juice.  Then I added dehydrated onions and green peppers.  So I got those used up out of my pantry.  I then added all the rest of the ingredients following the recipe.  I did not rehydrate the onions and peppers before adding.  I was cooking this for 5 hours so I knew they would rehydrate in plenty of time.  This is a great recipe and tastes wonderful.  I shared this with my friend who is allergic to garlic.  She just makes it without the garlic and now she can enjoy spaghetti once again!!


Ladybug said...

Pretty as a picture just like in a canning magazine(oh it's better)!! you have the best simple and easy
tutorials :-)all your recipes are so yummy too !!!
Hugs... Have "Awesome" day

labbie1 said...

Hi. I just found your blog and that spaghetti sauce looks wonderful! I look forward to reading more... :)