Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Harvest

Welcome to the jungle!! 
No this is not a field.  It is our family garden.  It may look like a jungle of weeds but there is a lot of vegetables still in the garden.  The weeds grew up between the rows but once you get into the garden you still can find a lot of vegetables waiting to be harvested.  Here in our part of Ohio we have not had a frost yet.  So we still have time to get things harvested.  Which is good for us. 

Here is a wagon full of pumpkins and squash that some of the grandchildren picked!!

The raised beds still have some kale and beets in them.

Swiss Chard


Squash still in the garden

Pumpkins still in the garden


A pile of kidney beans pulled from the garden.  We pulled all of the soup beans.  You harvest them the same way you do soybeans.  You wait until the beans dry right in the pods on the stalks.  We pull the entire plant up and bring them up to the house.  Then I have the kids start shelling the beans.  They only got the kidney beans done.  There are also a bunch of black turtle beans, cranberry beans, and white northern beans.  We just put them all in the green house and when we have time we will shell them out of the pods. 

Here are the bowl of kidney beans.  Aren't they pretty.  The boys enjoyed shelling the beans at first.  They loved finding the brightly colored beans inside the brown dried up pod.  The novelty did wear off after a while and then they began to complain that they were tired of shelling beans!!

We still have some green beans, egg plant, cabbages, and Indian corn in the garden.  As we get to it we will harvest.  As long as there is no threat of frost we still have time!!!


Ladybug said...

Wonderful Fall Harvest of Veggies
Your climate is so perfect for
gardening..Truly are blessed !!!

while you season is ending we in
the southwest are planting and
for the season.. Still have more
to plant.. we have all raised beds
and looking to add few more soon

Thanks for sharing so enjoy visiting ...
Warm Blessings / Thoughts / Prayers
Big Hugs...
Ladybug :-)

Eileen said...

WOW you surely produce enough to feed you all through the year, very impressive.