Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canning Venison

Canning venison is very easy and a great way to store that deer that you are your husband shot.  My husband did not get a deer yet our friend's sons both shot a deer and they gave us one of them.  We gladly will take some free meat.  We don't pay to have our deer processed.  My husband has learned how to butcher a deer on his own.  So we no longer have the cost of processing.  We cut out some steaks and froze them.  The roasts I saved back to can.  The rest of the meat was ground up and froze. 

Canning venison makes the meat very tender.  It cooks right in the jar and creates its own juice.  When you open up a jar of venison the meat just falls apart.  This meat is great thrown in with a bag of noodles for venison and noodles or shredded for sandwiches.  It also makes great pot pies!!  Don't throw out the juice from the jar.  It is venison broth!! Yum!!!

Here is how you can venison.  First get the meat cut off the carcase and ready to cut up into cubes.  Thankfully my husband does this job!!! This is the pan of roasts.  The back straps are on the bottom which were cut into steaks!

Now you cut the meat up into 1 inch chunks.  Place them right into clean and sterilized canning jars.  You can add 1 teaspoon of salt for quarts and 1/2 teaspoon salt for pints.  I normally don't add salt to my vegetables when I can but I did add salt to the venison.  Put the salt in the bottom of the jars.  The begin to fill with the venison.  Fill the jars leaving 1 inch head space.  Do not add any liquid.  Clean the rims and adjust lids. I actually filled up my jars the night before.  I did not have time to can them so I put them in the fridge.  They settled a little but still canned up nicely.

Now you pressure can the venison at 10 lbs pressure for weighted gauge and 11 lbs pressure for dial gauge for 90 minutes for quarts and 75 minutes for pints.  The venison cooks right in the jar and creates its own broth!!!  Let  the pressure go back down to zero, then let sit for at least 10 minutes before you open the canner.  Remove the jars and let sit on a towel on your counter until completely cooled.  Check to make sure they sealed.  If a jar does not seal use immediately or put in the fridge to use up with in  a week.  Enjoy!!


dr momi said...

We add a big hunk of onion and a couple cloves of garlic...yum! Canned venison -- the ultimate fast food! :-)

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I finally bought a canner just for that reason. I canned most of the moose my husband got and plan to do most of our deer in the future. I agree with you it is the way to go. I add a bullion cube, onion, garlic and salt.