Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Rice Krispies Treats!!

These festive turkeys are fun to make and even more fun to eat!! I have made these several times throughout the years and decided to make them for a snack at our church.  They don't take much to make and really aren't that hard to put together. 

Here is what you will need:
Coco Krispies
Chocolate Sandwhich Cookies (such as Oreos) 1 lb package
Candy Corn
Chocolate Frosting

Make up a batch of Rice Krispies treats.  I followed the recipe on the box of Coco Krispies.  It said to melt a 10oz package of marshmallows with 3 Tablespoons of margarine.  Pour over 6 cups of Coco Krispies.  I found it a little too sticky so I added another cup and a half of Coco Krispies.  Shape into 42  balls about 2 inches around.  Let sit on wax paper to harden up a bit.  When they are getting firm compress the balls to make them nice and tight. 

Now separate the sandwhich cookies.  Frost the side where the creme filling is with chocolate frosting.  Place a ball on top of the cookie.  Frost the other half of the cookie on the creme filling side.  Place 4 candy corns on the cookie to look like tail feathers.  Then place the cookie to the back of the ball.  Let the cookie with the candy corn rest on the bottom cookie.  Dip another candy corn in the frosting and place on top of the ball for a head. 
Repeat with the remaining Rice Kripies balls.  Place on wax paper and leave sit for several hours to let harden and to firm up. 

Here is my flock of Turkeys!!

Here is a look at them from the back. 

You might have to watch them when you first make them.  The tail feathers have a tendency to fall off while the cookies are hardening up.  Depending on what kind of frosting you use will determine how well they stay together.  I used a 12oz can of chocolate frosting because that is what I had on hand.  You can use any type of chocolate frosting you have or make your own.  A chocolate royal icing would probably work real well for these treats. 

I haven't made these in a few years and after the first few I realized how important it was to  make sure that the Rice Krispies balls were nice and tight.  They stay together that way and your turkeys won't look so droopy!! 

This is a fun activity to do with your kids.  Although mine were too busy playing with trains and didn't want to be bothered to help make a snack!!

I have used these as place settings for the Thanksgiving table too!!


dr momi said...

And a cute flock of turkeys it is!

labbie1 said...

Oh how cute! I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing--you always have something good in the kitchen! :)

Candy C. said...

Oh my gosh, those are just TOO cute! :)