Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cut Out Cookies

I love to create and when it comes to cookies I put my talent to work.  Some of my fondest memories of Christmas when I was a kid have to do with cookies.  Every year our church did a Christmas Pageant.  And after the pageant we went down in the basement and had cookies and punch.  One particular lady always made the elegantly frosted sugar cookies.  They looked like something you bought in a store.  The kids would always fight over these beautiful cookies. I love to recreate that memory by making fancy looking cut out cookies.  I think it is actually easier and faster to just pipe on the frosting and not have to spread it on by a knife. 

I have actually had people buying cookies off of me this year.  So I make up a double batch of my favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out the cookies.  I use butter cream frosting.  Butter cream is a nice thick frosting that holds it's shape and does not get real hard like royal icing.  Plus it is not real sweet which a lot of people prefer. 

Here is my counter full of cookies.  

The Santa faces are easy to do.  I use ivory paste food coloring which makes a nice flesh color.  I spread a little on for the face.  Then I go back and spread on a little red for the hat.  The eyes and nose are piped on using a small round tip and black.  The beard and white on the hat are piped on using a star tip.

The holly leaves are piped on using a basket weave tip. 
 The red hot candies are placed on for the berries. 

The Christmas ornaments are pipe on in blue using a petal tip. 
Clear edible glitter is sprinkled on and the details are piped on in white using a small round tip.

The Christmas trees  are piped on using a basket weave tip.  Details are piped on in white using a small round tip and then white nonpareils are sprinkled on.

The stockings have red spread on with a knife and the white piped on with a star tip.
The stars are piped on using a petal tip and then sprinkled with gold edible glitter.

I use paste or gel food coloring.  The kind you can find a cake supply stores.  You can get all sorts of colors and they are nice and bright.  Just remember when using these food colors that they will darken and get brighter as they sit.  So you won't need as much red or black as you might think you will need.  Let it sit covered a bit to see how bright the colors get before you add more food coloring.

Here is a box of a dozen cookies that were sold.
Don't they look so nice together!!


Damo Corinne Jacob said...

These are so beautiful! They look like they have taken a lot of work, but you make it sound very easy - looks like a project for me for next Christmas! What is the icing made from? Do you need to keep them in the fridge?
Have a lovely Christmas,

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

They are so vivid. I love all of the frosting. That is my favorite part.

Ladybug said...

Awesome .. pretty as in a Baking
Cook Book... :-) Oh coming too your
house for a cookie party....{-)

Christmas Blessings
Hugs Ladybug