Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Absorbent Dish Towels

My dish towels are getting to the point that they won't dry anything.  I think most of them I have had since I got married twelve years ago.  I have a bunch of them but everytime I try and dry off the table it seems like I wipe and wipe and wipe and then wipe some more and the table is still wet.  I needed more dish towels but I did not want to buy any.  I had made a few of these dish towels up a while ago and I was going to give them out for Christmas gifts. That didn't happen.  I did not have enough made out to give to everyone so I just kept them for myself.  I started making some more after Christmas and finally decided to try one out.  I loved it.  I could not believe hor absorbent the towel was.  I don't know if it is the cotten craft yarn or if it is they way that it was crocheted up. 

The pattern is from Lion Brand Yarns.  The pattern is for the Dorthea Dishtowels.  Click on http://www.lionbrand.com/ and type in pattern number 80704AD. 

The towel pattern is a single crochet, double crochet, repeat across.  It gives it a waffle weave feel to it.  I like to try and get a clean towel out every day.  So far I only have 4 of them done.  The blue and green one I have used and already washed and dried.  It still looks brand new!!

They make up quite quickly too!  Although if you are using lily sugar and cream balls it does take a 2 balls of yarn.  So I buy 2 of the main color and use scraps for the stripes!


Ladybug said...


Great clever idea..those are the
best I have seen so far.Looks like
the perfect size...Are you thinking
of making some and selling them ??
Saw some at a Flea Market over the
this past weekend but was not impressed how they were made, far too small, don't recall the price

Big Hugs..

Kelly said...

Wow I love these. Especially the stripes. You did a great job. When you say cotton craft yard, do you mean just the regular yarn you get at the store or is that a special kind? I have only ever crocheted blankets and hats and I just mainly have the regular yarn. I would love to make some of these!

labbie1 said...

We used to have some of those that my grandmother made up. They really DID work well. Oh and you don't use fabric softener in your towels do you? That will most assuredly make them unable to absorb moisture.

Klinkj0806 said...

Very cute! Just a tip though...in my experience its the use of fabric softener - either the sheets or the liquid - that over time causes all materials to be less absorbent. Using vinegar in the rinse cycle instead of softener for bath towels, kitchen towels, washcloths, etc. will help with that quite a bit. :)