Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freezing Bananas

I love bananas.  But I like them when they are at that stage where they still have green on the peel and are just turning yellow.  Once they look like this I don't like eating them.

So the I have a few options.  Let them go a couple more days and make banana bread or dehydrate or freeze them.  I like banana bread and if I only had a couple of bananas left I would have made some.  But I had most of the bunch left.  I already have some dehydrated bananas so I decided to freeze them.  It is pretty simple.  Just peel and slice up your bananas.  I lay them on a aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.  Pop into the freezer and let freeze until thoroughly frozen.

Once they are completely frozen pop into a bag and put in the freezer.  I use them in smoothies.  Smoothies are healthier than juice.  You have all the fiber still in your fruit.  I blend the frozen fruit with a little juice, rice milk, and honey.  The kids love these smoothies and they are healthier than eating banana bread!!


Humble wife said...

What an easy tip!!


labbie1 said...

I didn't know you could freeze them because I thought they would turn black when thawing out, but using them frozen would definitely stop that! Great tip!