Monday, January 23, 2012

A Home Made Gift

I have been wanting a potato and onion bin for a long time.  I kept seeing them at craft stores and kept telling my mom who always was with me that I wanted one.  Well I guess the hints finally sunk in.  Or she finally convinced my dad to make me one.  They gave this to me for my anniversary.  Ok it was for the both of us but mainly for me. 

When they gave it to me it was unfinished.  The pattern showed to stain the sides and paint the top.  I do a lot of painting so they left it unfinished so I could make it how I wanted it.  I sanded it up a bit and then stained it with a golden oak stain.  Once the stain was on I decided I liked it too much to add any paint to it. 

Even though it is made out of pine the golden oak really brought out the grain in the wood.
It is just so pretty.  The bottom drawer is used for onions.

The top hinges open and is for your potatoes.  The pattern said you can drill holes in the back to help with air circulation.  I will see how the potatoes keep.  If they tend to go bad too fast I will drill holes in the back.  Right now it seems to be loose enough to allow air in. 

I just love how it turned out and it looks great in my kitchen.  Now all I need is a wooden trash can to match!!  I might have to hint about that for a long time too!!  I love hand made gifts.  They are the best!


Humble wife said...

I love it!!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I love those also. I got one for my Mom one year. Your Dad a great job.

labbie1 said...

You said it sister! Homemade with love! :)