Monday, January 9, 2012

Mittens From Old Sweaters

I love the Bella Mittens I knitted for myself earlier.  They are stylish and the wool mittens do keep your hands warm.  But when the weather drops down below freezing the wind blows right through them and my hands are still cold.  They are great for weather in the 40's and low 50's.  But if I want to stay warm in the bitter cold that I am sure will be coming some time this month I needed something a little warmer. 
So I took some old wool sweaters.  I did not have any so I went to the thrift store and bought them for a few bucks a piece.  Make sure your sweaters are 100% wool or they won't felt.

Next step is to felt the sweaters.  This is done by washing the sweaters in hot water.  I put them in the washer and washed them in my home made Laundry Soap. I did this for 2 washer cycles. When the sweaters came out they went from men's large and extra large to something that would fit a toddler.  The argyle looking sweater did not felt.  It said 100% wool on the label so it either wasn't what it said or it had already been pre-shrunk. 

I cut off the sleeves and cut them down the seam.  Then I cut the front and back apart and laid them flat to dry. 

I enlarged a kids mitten pattern to fit my hand.  When I laid the pattern on the felted sweater I put the bottom up against the ribbing.  This will be flipped up after sewn.

I sewed the mittens together.  I sewed the seam down on the ribbing so when it was flipped to the outside the seam would not be noticed.  Then I sewed a button on using Persian wool yarn. 

These mittens are super warm and thick.  I will be able to play with my kids in the snow with these!!!  I saved the left over felted wool to use for other crafts.  I still have the gold and gray sweater to use.

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