Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Natural Muscle Rub

I have been working out a lot lately.  I have been alternating between running on my treadmill, doing a wii fit routine that includes yoga and strength exercises, and doing a rowing work out on my row machine.  All this activity leads to tight sore muscles.  I normally have tight calves anyhow.  And 2 summers ago I actually tore my calf muscle down in my heal.  So I really need to make sure I keep my calves stretched out.

I used to use something like Bengay or an off brand muscle rub.  But those smell so bad and you have to really wash your hands afterwards and avoid touching anything after you use it.  I tried this recipe for muscle rub several years ago.  I massage it onto my calves and hamstrings before exercising and especially before running.  You can actually feel your muscles heat up from the different blend of essential oils.  Sometimes when I am very sore I will add some of this blend to my bathtub and soak in the tub. 

This blend is specifically for inflamed joints and muscles.  It will help with the inflammation and is great to use after you exercise to.  Rub it on anywhere you have soreness, inflammation, or tightness in your muscles.  The oil helps moisturize your skin too which is great this time of year.  Here is the recipe.

For every 2 tablespoons of oil add
10 drops of Chamomile
5 drops Eucalyptus
3 drops Lavender
7 drops Peppermint
5 drops Rosemary

Use any type of carrier oil you prefer.  I normally use apricot kernel oil.  Make sure you use pure essential oils.  This may seem like it is a strong ratio of essential oils but that is why you feel your muscles heat up.  You want it that way.  I normally make a quadruple batch of this and put it into a bottle.  I normally put a label on everything I make even if it is just for me.  Or I would never know what is in each bottle. 

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Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Dina!
Just wanted to say that my lotion and hand cream arrived today and I love them! You do nice work! Thank you so much. I'll be writing up a post about it soon! Take good care of those muscles now! Muscle Rub too? wow!