Friday, January 6, 2012

Natural Oven Cleaner

After I cleaned the bathroom earlier in the week I vowed that I would never buy another toxic cleaner again.  I had bought a scrub free bathroom cleaner.  The first time I used it the fumes were so bad that I had to open the bathroom window just so I could stand to be in there to wipe it off and finish cleaning my bathroom.  I tried it again a second time and with the fan going constantly and barely using any of it I was fed up and just threw it out.  I am not one to waste things but I will not use it again in my house.  I have been making my own laundry detergent for over a year now and save $16 a month on that.  I don't know why I haven't changed everything else over.  So after my episode with the bathroom I set a goal for myself this year to start trying to make homemade cleaners and use those in my house instead. 

If you are like me your oven is filthy.  Most housewives don't have the time to clean your oven.  I don't have a self cleaning oven and it was getting to the point that my house smelled like burnt food every time I turned it on.  I knew it needed cleaned but I was not about to go buy some oven cleaner.  That stuff is the most toxic stuff out there.  If you have to use rubber gloves to use a cleaner then it is not going to be used in my house.  Much less in my oven where I cook the food my family is going to eat.  Plus I have huge hands and most rubber gloves don't fit my hands!

So last night I searched the Internet for some recipes for natural oven cleaners. There were a bunch of recipes so I choose one that I liked and had the ingredients for.  Here is the recipe I choose.

1/2 cup liquid soap (castile soap is recommended, I did not have any so I used dish soap)
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup Borax
1/4 cup vinegar
2-4 drops of essential oil optional (I used orange oil)

Mix all the ingredients up into a paste.  Use a large paint brush or pastry brush and brush it onto the surface of your oven. Take out your racks and scrub those up in your sink. I was going to save some paste to rub on the racks but I forgot.  I used a spatula to lift out all the loose stuff before I put on the paste.  I also ran out of paste before I even got to the door.  So I made a second batch of paste for the door and used what was left on the bottom. 

Leave sit for 30 minutes to an hour.  I let it sit an hour.  Now you use a wash cloth and start wiping it out.  This takes a little time to get all the paste out.  Most of the dirt wiped right out.  Some of the really baked on food took a little elbow grease.  My oven is not perfectly clean.  I needed to use a little more elbow grease in some areas but I have company coming and I wanted to be done.  At least it looks ten times better than it did. And now I can actually see in my window!!  And next time I clean I can work on getting those last few areas cleaner.  Hopefully it won't be over a year from now the next time I clean. Especially now that I can use a natural cleaner to do it!!


Heidi said...

Dear Dina,
I love your blog and I've just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Hop on over to my blog to get it!

Michelle said...

I am going to try this. My husband has to clean my oven due to the fact I am allergic to oven cleaners. I know he would love it if I could clean it. Wait a minute. I have a good excuse for not cleaning the oven. I may have to rethink this.LOL

Ladybug said...

I have a self-cleaning oven
but you still have too clean the
rack, I'm not impressed with a
self-cleaning oven but of course
its a GE and I'm not a big fan of
GE products. So this recipe will
be excellent for the racks.
Hugs Ladybug

labbie1 said...

Thanks for sharing this! My microwave is my oven and I could have used this when I cleaned it after my pumpkin puree baking! Next time I will give it a try!

Wonder if a magic eraser would help with those tougher areas?

jack said...

So last night I searched the Internet for some recipes for natural oven cleaners. There were a bunch
all purpose cleaners

Unknown said...

It always pleasanty surprises me at how simple seemingly impossible things can be made! I have no shame in admitting I'm awful at cleaning ovens, and although I use bicarb, vinegar, lemons, etc throughout my home, I just never fancied doing the cooker myself! I have a house for my family and a small flat in birmingham that I rent to two students and I don't know which gets worse, ours or theirs! In the past I've used oven cleaner kent and oven cleaner birmingham and I've always loved seeing the clean cooker, but with posts like this it gives me the confidence to go ahead and have a go myself... wish me luck! :)

Mel Clark said...

Geez, you got a great result with the ingredients you used. Definitely going to take notes from this and go for it myself. I do use a oven cleaning service every year called Expert Oven Cleaning. I think I may give it a go with your tips between that once a year professional clean.

Unknown said...

Just a quick comment to say thanks a lot for your post and also ask (including other commenters) if they have ever had to clean a cooker when moving in to a new house and has that made a difference to how they've cleaned it? I don't know what it is but I just can't bring myself to cleaning someone else's grease and grime, especially in the oven! I don't know if I'm weird but it really makes me cringe haha. I usually get my OH to do it, but I have been known to get the professionals in too I won't lie! When we last lived in the area I got oven cleaner sutton coldfield to come and do it. Anyone else?