Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dehydrating Strawberries

The local grocery store had strawberries at a pretty good price. It wasn't a great deal but a deal for strawberries for this time of year.  So I bought 4 lbs of strawberries.  We ate 1 lb of them fresh.  I guess I shouldn't say we because my kids devoured most of them.  The other 3 lbs I decided to dehydrate. 

Dehydrating strawberries is very easy.  All you have to do is wash the strawberries.  Destem them and then slice into slices.  I lay them right onto the dehydrator trays.

The 3 lbs filled up all four trays of my dehydrator.  I set it on my fruit setting and let dehydrate for 4-8 hours.  Depending on how thick the slices.  Some of the strawberries were done at 4 hours.  I just began removing the strawberries as they were finished.  You want them to not to be crisp but not still soft and sticky.  I filled my mason jar with them and then put the lid on and let sit overnight to condition.  The conditioning process allows the moisture in the fruit to distribute evenly.  If some are too dry it will absorb moisture from some that are too wet.  The next morning I open the jar to check for moisture.  If there is too much moisture left in the strawberries it will condensate on the top of the lid.  If the lid is dry your strawberries are good to go.  Out of the 3 lbs of strawberries I got about 3 cups of dried strawberries. 

I had more in the jar but my kids found the jar on the counter and started to devour them.  I love the fact the the strawberries are still bright red and that they are even sweeter than fresh.  They are great to eat straight out of the jar.  If we have any left they are great in cereal too!! You can chop them up and using in baking as well. 

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Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...

Yum..these look delicious. I've always wanted to dehydrate strawberries. Seems like we never have any fresh left over at the end of the day. Thanks for the tips!!

labbie1 said...

I am surprised that they stayed so red. You didn't say that you used lemon juice or fruit fresh on them, so I am assuming this is the natural color. Pretty!

Um--on another note--the new verification is really HARD to read.

Heidi said...

I love dehydrating strawberries too. Mine usually suffer the same fate as yours... gremlins. Few make it to storage.

Blackberry brambles said...

So you don't use lemon juice to spray them first? I've gotten a dehydrater and will be doing my strawberries this year, didn't know how to do them so thank you.