Friday, February 24, 2012

Going Green

Going green for me has not been an overnight process.  It started many years ago and I continually add things into my lifestyle that are "Green".  I first started to recycle.  It was mainly plastics at first.  I did this when I had a lot of plastics to get rid of.  At that time you had to take them to a recycle drop off or the recycling center.  A couple of years ago our town started curbside recycling.  Just like they have a certain day that they pick up your trash, you have an assigned day that they pick up your recycling.  This has made it so much easier to recycle.  At the time that I first started recycling our town only recycled #1 & #2 plastics.  So that is all I recycled.  Just recently I taught a lesson on recycling to our cub scout group and in the process looked up our local recycling center.  I was shocked to find out all the things they took for recycling.  I was especially shocked to find out that they now take plastics from #1 - #7.  That goes to show that you should look up frequently what your local recycling center accepts and does not accept.

A little over a year ago I started making my own laundry detergent.  This was out of need for something that had no dyes or perfumes and to save money.

Then this year I decided to start making my own natural cleaners.  This takes some time, because I have to research and decide on what fits me best. 

I have been making things out of old pairs of jeans for years.  Now I am starting to look into making more things to reduce our use of plastic bags and things.  I am currently working on a bunch of "Green" sewing projects.  As I finish those I will post about them.

I know "Going Green" has been an on going process for me but it is something that takes time.  You need to research things and find out what will work best for your family.  So if you have been wanting to go green and don't know where to start, just start out small. Recycling is the easiest thing to start doing.  Make small changes and gradually add to your lifestyle.  It is so much easier to make a change when you do it gradually.  That way you can get used to one thing before you start another. 

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labbie1 said...

Good post! Baby steps!

I started using the reusable grocery bags mostly because I can get a lot in them, they sit up in the car and I don't have all of those plastic bags laying around (which CAN be recycled at most stores, but what the heck right?)

I have been adding homemade cleaners to my arsenal when they are economical (the ones called "Green" at the stores are often not so much and are more expensive) and easy to make.

I have now used one of the everyday cleaners for a year and I am very happy with it, so I will continue with that one. It is just a 32 oz spray bottle. 1/2 cup original Dawn (not the concentrate) and fill the rest of the 32 oz bottle with white vinegar. It works great on my stainless steel kitchen sink, but does smell like vinegar--which isn't my favorite, but it just costs pennies for that 32 oz bottle of cleaner!

I am ready to give some homemade laundry detergent and homemade Shout a try--those are two very expensive items that I use all of the time and if I can cut the cost of those, then I will have more funds to use elsewhere.

One of the problems I have had is finding liquid Castile soap, but have found that I can use original Dawn instead in most recipes. I also have a recipe for Liquid Castile soap now, so I can make it now! yay!

It is actually really fun to make the cleaners. I just wait until I am running out of the present cleaners and then find something to make to replace them so I can reuse the current brand name container for my homemade product. :)