Monday, February 6, 2012

Natural Furniture Polish

In my quest to switch over to all natural cleaners I have been searching for recipes for furniture polish.  Like so many other natural cleaners there are several different recipes.  Some had olive oil and lemon juice, others had mineral oil and vinegar.  I kept looking until I found some that I wanted to try.  Then I went to get the ingredients.  After buying the wrong oil and returning it  I finally looked up what mineral oil was.  I had no idea that baby oil is mineral oil.  Who knew?!?!  I never used anything on my son because they add fragrance to almost all baby products and my son could not use it. 

So any way one recipe I liked was mineral oil and lemon oil.  The recipe is very simple mix 1 cup mineral oil with 3 drops of lemon oil.  My container that I put it in only holds a little over 1/2 cup so I put the mineral oil in my container and added 6 drops of lemon oil.  I like it to smell like lemon.  I used pure lemon essential oil.  This recipe worked great on older furniture or hand made wood items that don't have a high gloss finish. 

This cedar chest is close to 70 years old.  It was my grandmother's cedar chest.  She got it as a graduation gift.  I really cherish this because I never met her.  She died when my father was only 18 months old.  This is one of the two things that I have that was hers.  As you can see it is very dry and badly needs to be refinished.  The right side is so dry that it feels rough. 

I waited 6 hours after I used the mineral oil furniture polish on it and took this picture.

I decided to polish it a second time to give it a little more moisture.  I polished it all this morning and then came back tonight and saw it and I am just amazed.  I looks incredible and is still shiny. Whenever I used pledge it looked great for 1 hour and then it looked just like it did before.  I am hoping this will keep its shine for a while.

By the way the doll that is on the cedar chest was my mothers.  She gave it to me when I got married.  The dress on it is newer.  It still has its original panties though!

This worked great on all my hand made wood furniture in the bedroom.  I also have a few pieces of furniture that has a high gloss finish to it.   So I decided to use the oil and vinegar recipe for these.

This recipe calls for 1 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup white vinegar.  I decided to just use the mineral oil and added 6 drops of lemon essential oil to it.  This recipe needs to be in a spray bottle. My spray bottle did not hold it all so I put the left over in another bottle and will refill it as I run out.

I used this on the rest of my furniture.  You just have to make sure you shake it before you spray. This helps to mix the vinegar and oil.  It worked extremely well getting all the dust off and cleans the furniture so well.  I was amazed at how dirty my towel was after getting done. 

Yes I  collect Noah's Ark figurines.  This is only part of my collection.  But look how great the shelf looks.  All my furniture still looks this amazing and it has been almost 12 hours since I cleaned it.  I am definitely sold on these two furniture polishes.  They worked amazingly great.  Now I need to clean the rest of the woodwork in our house.  Today I only cleaned all the wood in our bedroom!!

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Carolyn said...

Sounds like a great recipe, I'm going to save it! Thanks for sharing.

labbie1 said...

Sounds like a couple of great recipes!

For the chest, you could also try some Kramers which is an old fashioned turpentine and beeswax cleaner. It cleans and leaves a nice hard shine on older pieces, giving them a good amount of moisture and the beeswax keeps the moisture in the wood.

I cam keeping your recipes though!

Bryan Smith said...

Nice idea. I would like to thank you for having me this kind of informative blog, it was really good to know that some natural liquids that made from our own ingredients will help us to clean our furniture's well.
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