Monday, February 20, 2012


Snowdrops  (scientific name Galanthus) are a member of the Amaryllis family.  We enjoy seeing these flowers pop up in early March.  They normally pop up before spring and often times are popping up through the snow.  This year they came up very early.  With our very mild winter these popped up through the ground in early February.  They will last quite a while with new ones continually popping up and blooming. 

Aren't they so pretty.  When the Snowdrops pop up we know that spring won't be that far away.  Even though these came up real early this year we are hoping that spring will not be that far away. 


Humble wife said...

Oh I love them!!

So pretty.

Have a lovely day.


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labbie1 said...

I had some snowdrops at my house. They were transplanted from my grandmother's house in PA. My brother and sister in law have some from the same place as well.

I had to leave mine behind when we sold the house, but I get to visit the ones at my brother's house. A family heirloom. :)

Abbi said...

So pretty! I am looking forward to the flowers coming but it shouldn't be for a little while here. Last night we got a couple of inches of snow which we are enjoying.