Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Cake Pops

I was given a cake pop/ donut hole maker for Christmas.  My son decided he wanted me to make him angry birds cake pops for his birthday next week.  When I went on line to get some ideas I was amazed.  I was clueless to the cake pop phenomenon.  I kept showing my son simpler ideas but he kept going back to the angry birds.  So I gave in and told him I would make them.  I decided maybe I should try something a little more simple first.

We are going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow so I decided to make cake pops to look like the team helmets.  Then I looked up who was going and what their helmets looked like.  I am not a huge football fan so I didn't know.  I was a little disappointed that the helmet colors were gray and dark blue.  I did find some dark blue candy coating but not gray. I was hoping for some more vibrant colors.

I have a regular donut machine that I got at a garage sale.  I think it is from the 80's or early 90's.  I use it all the time to make great cake donuts.  We love these donuts so I decided to use the same recipe to use in my cake pop maker.  Here is the recipe.  The only thing is it made 44 cake pops.  Now that I know how many it makes I will split the recipe in half for the angry birds.

Donut Recipe for Donut or Cake Pop Maker
1/4 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup milk
Cream shortening and sugar together.  Add eggs and mix well.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth. 

I followed the directions on my cake pop maker.  Here are the cake pops ready to be dipped in candy coating.

I inserted the lollipop sticks into the cake pops and dipped one side in white candy coating.  I thought the sticks were too long so I cut them in half.  They were fine until I inserted them into the balls and tried to put them into the Styrofoam.  Next time I will leave the sticks the size that they are. I just let them sit on the counter until they were firm.  It really didn't take long.  By the time I got them all done and melted the next color the first ones were firm.

I melted the dark blue candy coating and dipped half of the cake pops in that.  I dipped the other half and then dipped the top to make it look like a helmet.  I used white candy coating with a little bit of black gel food coloring to make it gray.  Never use liquid food coloring in the candy coating.  The water in it will ruin the candy coating. 

I let the candy coating firm up. Then I made a batch of royal icing.  I used this to finish the decorating on the helmets.  New York Giants were pretty easy to do. All they have is a red stripe down the middle and the letters NY on the side with a gray face guard.  The New England Patriots were a little more complex.  They have a patriot on the side with a red face guard.  I decided to just do the patriot in a basic shape.  Some I just put the letters NE and some I did a patriot. 

When the frosting was dry I put them into treat bags and tied a piece of yarn around them in a bow.  Then I put them in a basket that had a piece of Styrofoam on the bottom to hold them in place.  This is where it would have been nice if I had the longer stick.  That is why I did a trial run!!  Here they are all decked out and ready to take to the Super Bowl party!!

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labbie1 said...

How very cute!

My cousin let me in on the whole cake ball thing a while back since she was working at a JoAnn's and was "up" on the new trends. At the time she was expounding on the cake balls, there weren't molds, so you took cake, crumbled it and mixed it with icing or cream cheese, made it into a ball and then dipped. I could feel my arteries hardening as she was explaining all of that! LOL

Your helmets turned out great and so glad you told us about the stick part!