Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Using Home Made Cleaners

I am starting to build up a list of cleaners that I have been using.  Using home made cleaners has proven to be cost effective and less harmful to my family.  I no longer have the toxic smell in my house that just lingers.  I also am starting to enjoy cleaning.  (Don't tell my husband, he will expect the house to always be spotless!!)  But using cleaners that work well, are not harmful to the environment, that you can use without having to protect your hands with gloves, and that you can use safely around everyone in your family makes it worth while.  The added benefit is the cleaners save you a lot of money.  Most cleaners can be made using a lot of the same ingredients. 

The first switch I made was my laundry detergent.  My son who has eczema and allergies to fragrances and dyes could not use regular laundry detergent.  So I was spending quite a bit of money on Tide free and clear or Dreft.  See my blog on Laundry Soap for the recipes I use for laundry soap and fabric softener. 

The next cleaner that I tried was a natural oven cleaner.  I searched all over to find one I liked and then made it and used it with great success.  See my blog on Natural Oven Cleaner to see the recipe I used and the results from that.

Then I tried home made soft scrub.  This is by far my favorite cleaner that I have made.  I am just so amazed at the results and love how my house smells like peppermint every time I use it.  I did not get to clean my bathroom last week because we have been sick and busy with birthdays.  So I cleaned it again today.  I was amazed that I had no new mold growing in the bathtub.  I normally have that red mold on cracks and ledges.  But this time I did not.  I don't know if it is the peppermint in it that has helped keep the mold in check.  See my blog on Soft Scrub to find the recipe I use for that. 

An old cleaner that I have been using for years is my antiseptic spray.  This is a water based spray that has a mixture of essential oils in it.  These oils help disinfect the house.  I use it a lot this time of year when everyone has colds and other sicknesses.  I spray it on my kitchen table after I wash it.  I spray it on my kitchen counters.  And I also just spray it around the house and the bedrooms to disinfect.  It is better than using Lysol because I don't want the fumes or the chemicals in my house.  See my blog on Antiseptic Spray to find my recipe.

The newest cleaners that I have tried is the furniture polish.  I am truly amazed at the results from these.  Everyday I clean another part of my house with these.  Today when I cleaned the bathroom I used the vinegar and oil cleaner to clean the woodwork in the bathroom.  I love how they work and the things I cleaned a few days ago still have their shine and look clean.  See my blog on Natural Furniture Polish to get the recipes I used. 

So far this is all the cleaners I have made.  As the need arises I am sure I will try more.  I am happy with the results of everything I have made so far.  I am spending less money on cleaners and my house is probably the cleanest it has been in a while.  And it is all natural. NO CHEMICALS!! That makes me smile!

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Sharon @ mrshinesclass said...

This is a great post. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of these homemade cleaners...your soft scrub has my attention.
I found you at the county living link party. I'm now a new follower.

Sharon @ mrs. hines class

Hibiscus House said...

I am now following you on this blog. I thank you for visiting mine. I remember your cleaners on The Country Homemaker party. I am cohosting with Heidi on that party.


I need to bookmark this and come look at these recipes. I've been wanting to make the switch...

Heidi said...

I have now printed ALL of the recipes. THANKS a million. We all need safer alternatives these days. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful money saving green recipes on The Country Homemaker Hop. It seems I am becoming allergic to everything from the store lately.