Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Allergy Season

I know when my son comes in from outside and he looks like he lost a fight with Rocky Balboa it is allergy season.  Before he went to bed tonight I took one look at him and marched him right into the shower.  His face was all red and blotchy.  His eyes were red and one was almost swollen shut.  The other was all puffy.  Allergy season has come early this year.  With the mild winter we had things are starting to bloom early.  When you have a kid who is allergic to tree pollen and grass it makes for a tough spring.  So after he got all washed up I spread hydrocortisone cream on all the red spots.  Covered him with my homemade aquafor, put allergy eye drops in his eyes, had him use his steroid inhaler, and took a dose of benadryl.  The poor kid. 

I took a look at the pollen count for today.  And no wonder he was a mess.  It is in the medium range for our area.  It is supposed to be high on Thursday.  You can check the pollen count in your area by clicking on my local pollen count link.  Type in your zip code and it gives you the pollen count.  It is nice because it also tells you what types of pollen are high for that day too. 

This time of year I begin to make sure I have plenty of benadryl, claritin, hydrocortisone cream, allergy eye drops, home made aquafor, oatmeal milk bath, and any thing else I can use to help prevent and alleviate my son's allergies. 

From what I have heard the pollen is supposed to be real bad this year.  So I am hoping if I keep stocked up and keep on top his allergy medications we can make it through unscathed!!

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Michelle said...

I feel so sorry for your son. I know how he feels. This is the worst time of year for me.