Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amercian Girl Doll Clothes

I am doing my very first craft show.  Actually it isn't really a craft show.  My friend is starting a unique shopping experience where she will showcase some of her own things and invite local artists and crafters as well.  We just consign our stuff over to her so we actually don't have to sit there during the open house.  She is doing this in her family's century old barn.  She has antiques, refurbished furniture, and home decor items.  She asked me to make items to put into the first showcase which will be coming up next weekend.  Along with homemade lotions and things she has asked me to make American Girl Doll Clothes.  So I have been rather busy this week.  Cutting out and sewing up clothes.  I don't have girls to make fun things for so I normally make things for other peoples daughters.  So this was fun to make cute outfits to make little girls happy.

These are three sets of panties and petticoats.  They are somewhat of an old fashioned thing.  But the petticoats really help some of the dresses look really great on the dolls.

This is a pink bathrobe. 

Here is a 70's style jeans and top.
I made the jeans out of recylced jeans. 
So they have that nice worn effect;

Here is an early American style blouse and skirt.
This will look great with a petticoat underneath.

Here is a fleece jacket and boots. 

You can see the hello kitty print on the back!

This denim dress is also made from recycled jeans.
The front closes with Velcro.  The buttons are for decoration.

A nice summer dress from seer sucker.

Another great summer dress made from seer sucker.

I am still making a few more items.  As I get things done I will post on them.

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Michelle said...

They look great. You are very talented.