Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recycled Jean Jackets

These jackets are true to the title Jean Jackets.  They are made out of old pairs of jeans.  An ordinary jean jacket that you would buy at the store is not truly a jean jacket.  It is a denim jacket.  They are made out of denim material.  The jackets I make has no cost in them accept for the zipper and thread.

I take old pairs of jeans and cut them up.  I am not very particular at it and want it to be random.  Then I sew the squares and rectangles together using about a 1/2 inch seam.  Then I press the seam open before I sew on the next strip.  I keep adding pieces together until I get a piece large enough for my pattern piece.  I repeat this process until I have enough all my pattern pieces cut out. 

Then I top stitch over the seams using a fancy stitch on my machine.  This really helps lock the jeans into place and gives it a nice decorative stitch.  Next I applique or do machine embroidery in the squares and rectangles.  This jacket is a Disney jacket.  I only used machine embroidery on it.  My mom has a Disney embroidery machine.  Most of these designs are in the machine.  She also has a few embroidery cards that has Disney designs on them too.  I made four of these jackets.  One for me, one for my mother in law, one for my sister and law, and one for her daughter.  We wore these when we went down to Disney world several years ago.  Each person chose what Disney designs they wanted on their jackets.

One sleeve was a Mickey sleeve and the other was a Minnie sleeve.

Once I have all the applique and embroidery done I sew the jacket according to the pattern directions.

Any place that the pattern tells me to top stitch like the collar, for the hem, or around the cuffs, I use a decorative stitch in accenting thread.  This fall jacket that I made for myself is mainly appliqued with a little machine embroidery added in. 

The decorative stitch I chose for this looked like a leaf. I also used a variegated thread that was in fall colors.

I get cute buttons to accent the theme of the jacket.  Here I used pumpkins.  I made a winter themed jacket that I gave away.  It had snowman buttons on it.

I plan on making a few skirts for myself using the same method.  When I do I will take step by step photos and post a tutorial and how I do this process.  I love these jackets and get many compliments on them.  People down in Disney World asked us where we bought our jackets and were disappointed when they found out I had made them. 

I always have a large supply of old jeans.  People know I make things out of them and are always giving me their old worn out jeans.


Humble wife said...

What a clever idea! I like the skirt idea too...and think I will do this!


Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...

what an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

very cute.

labbie1 said...

Those are wonderful! You do fantastic work! I would be proud to wear one of those and look forward to your tutorial...