Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My kitchen window looks like a jungle right now!!

Between cub scout projects and science projects for school my youngest son
has all kinds of vegetables growing.  He can already taste his Zucchini bread.
I don't have the heart to tell him that most of these plants won't make it
when we transplant them in the ground.  They are way to big already and we still have a little over a month before we can start planting these type of plants outside.  The 2 weeks of 80 degree temperatures in March has kicked started the growing season.  Although today it is snowing.  So these plants would never make it.

His pumpkin has reached out and grabbed my measuring spoons that are hanging up.  When I look at these plants it just reminds me of all of God's wander.  It is amazing how a plant can grow like that.  Twist itself around something like a rope and continue to grow. 

His Lima beans that are in the glass jar up front are growing in just a wet paper towel.  He was learning about how roots grow down and the stem grows up.  It has been neat for him to see the seed coat come off and the plant grow out of it.  We will probably throw these out after watching them grow for a little while.  We still have plenty of seeds left.  So if his pumpkin and zucchini don't make it he still can plant the seeds right in the ground.  The two tomato plants and green pepper plant should be just fine though!!

Planting seeds are a great way for kids to learn about science and the great design of God!!!


Sherry said...

How precious is that! I love how the pumpkin plant is grabbing on to something and pulling itself up! Reminded me of how we have to do that with ourselves sometimes when life gets difficult! Funny when I'm feeling that way, I grab a spoon too LOL! I hope the plants live when you transplant them - stranger things have happened :)

labbie1 said...

Indeed! I hope his plants do make it! Wouldn't that be great for him?