Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crochet Cotton Dish Cloths

I have been so busy lately.  My friend had her show at Locust Hill in April.  She invited me to sell some of my crafts there.  I did sell a bunch of stuff and had some orders for more things.  So I have been making some American Girl doll clothes and dish cloths.  My dad had ordered two Wise men and camels from me to give as gifts also.  So I have been busy trying to get everything finished and finish up home schooling for the year at the same time.  We are almost there with school!! We still learn all summer long but we are not sitting in the basement at our computers doing lessons!

I found this pattern for dish cloths on the Lily Sugar N" Cream website.  Look under free patterns.  The name of them is Mod Gingham Dishcloth.  I love this pattern because it is super simple.  The whole thing is done in a double crochet.  You just change colors each row to get the design in them.  Each row has two colors.  You carry the color not in use on top of the bottom row and crochet over it.  You bring up the new color in the last double crochet of the former color.  They make up very quickly and they are nice and large.  The pattern says it is an approximate  10 inch square.  I measured mine and they are 9 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches.  So pretty close to a 10 inch square.  The ones below are the ones that someone ordered from me.  These are the colors that person picked out.  I really like the orange and brown and the lime and blue ones!!  These dish clothes are so durable and last a long time.  I have several home made cotton dish clothes.  Some I made and others from my mom.  They make great gifts for any occasion.  For my friends show I folded them and tied them with a bow around them.  They looked so pretty.  I will be making some for her summer show in red, white, and blue, and then again for her fall show in fall colors.  For the Christmas show I will make some in red, green and white.  I have made these while camping sitting around the camp fire in the morning waiting for my family to wake up!!

I love the gingham check design of these.  They have such a country look to them!!

Wouldn't you love to have a nice stack of dish clothes like this.  One for every day of the week!!

I need to get some more made for myself.  I try to use one dish cloth each day and get a new one out the next day.  That way they are clean and my dishes, table, and counter stay clean!!

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Sartassa said...

really beautiful, I like the orange and the green ones the most, don't know why :D

Shelimarie said...

These are the coolest!! I was just curious if you are planning on selling any??? If so I might be interested in purchasing a few :)

Bonnie said...

Love these! I am also wondering if you are planning on selling any?

Deanna Caswell said...

I like the orange the best too! I wanted to invite you to the DIYlinky at tomorrow. I've never done one and am askeert I might be there all alone!

Sheila Henline said...

I love this design and wondered like the others if you are selling these... do you have an etsy store?

Creations by Dina said...

I will have to look into setting up a shop to sell things. I had no idea that these would be so popular. I saw a lot of dish clothes on etsy but nothing like what I make. When I figure it out I will let Everyone know!!

Candy C. said...

Those turned out really nice and they do have a country look to them! :)