Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dehydrating Apples

My son needed a snack for his boy scout camping trip.  It is supposed to be healthy and something that he could take on the trail.  They suggest trail mix which contains nuts.  Since he has an allergy to nuts I decided some dried fruit would work great.  I happened to have a bag of apples in the fridge.  My kids love apples but only if the peel is off.  They hardly ever just pick up an apple and eat it except if they have picked it themselves fresh off the tree.  Last fall a friend gave me a bunch of apples from their orchard and I dehydrated them.  I dehydrated for three straight days.  Pulling the dried apples out and filling up the tray twice a day. Dehydrating apples is very simple. 

I first use one of my favorite gadgets.  An apple peeler slicer.  I love this thing.  It peels, slices, and cores your apple all with a few quick cranks of the handle. 

After the apple is peeled, sliced, and cored I slice the apple in half.

I load them straight onto the dehydrator trays

I dehydrate them at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for 6-8 hours

Then put in a container with a lid and let sit overnight.  This is the conditioning process.  It allows the moisture to evenly distribute through the fruit.  As long as there is not moisture on the lid of the container the next morning your apples are properly dried. 

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