Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Miracle

A few weeks ago we went to a State Park that has a working farm on it.  One of the ladies in charge of the animals was there and asked us if we wanted to see what was in her office.  To our surprise when we went in her office we saw a Bantam Chicken with her chicks that she hatched out that morning and a very small baby calf.  He was so adorable and then she told us the story. 

He was only two weeks old and shouldn't had been born yet.  He was three weeks premature.  The mother died giving birth to him.  The vet told them if he ate that night then he would probably live.  A volunteer came in every night to bottle feed him.  He looked so little and frail but he was so cute.

The lady told us we could take him out and let him get some sunshine. 

 So we did.  He just loved the sunshine.  He also loved sucking on your fingers.  He is a little dirty.  He does not know enough not to lay in his own waste.  Normally his mother would clean him off every day and take care of him.  So the workers clean him up every day. 

His name is Willie and he is a Charolais Bull crossed with some Holstein and Hereford.  His mother was Charolais.  We just love the color of him. He is two weeks old in these first two pictures.  He should not even be born yet!!

When we went back yesterday we were surprised at how much he had grown and he was more active and played in the barn yard when they took him out.

At five weeks old he is really filling out now. 

He is getting very curious of the grass and starting to chew on it a little.
He is not eating grass yet but just checking it out.

I can't believe how tall he is now.  The first pictures you can see he is barely up to my son's knees.
Now his back is almost at my son's waist.  What a difference a few weeks make.

That volunteer that saved his life is still coming in every day to feed him.  She is dedicated to this little miracle and helping him have a chance in life!!   They still have to wash him off each day to keep him clean.  He will probably be the tamest cow they have at the park!!

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