Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Refurbished Hair Accessories

Along with the hymn book angles I also made some hair barrets and headbands to give as prizes to the young girls in our church.  It was a simple process but they turned out so cute.  These are  music themed to go along with the Fanny Crosby impersonator that we are having for our banquet.

I found some stickers that look like old sheets of music.  I took off
white ribbon and formed it into a bow and hot glued it onto a barret.
Then a put some stickers on and then sealed the whole thing with
Mod Podge.

These barrets were made with the same ribbon.  I just formed it the
length of the barret and added the stickers.  They are also sealed
with Mod Podge.

The headbands are made from the scraps of sheet music left over the the hymn
book angles.  They are all made with Fanny Crosby's songs from 100 - 110 year old hymnals.
I used Mod Podge and completely covered the plastic headbands on the inside and out with
strips of the hymns.  They turned out so neat!!

I can't wait until the banquet next week.  It will be so fun to see the program and to give out the prizes!!

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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

What great ideas. Somehow I got very behind on your blog. I love the photo of the wild strawberry. If you corral some in a bed they go crazy! You are so creative. I also enjoyed the angel hymn book. I'm having my sister look at that. She will love it. Thanks for all of the creative ideas.