Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freezing Green Peas

Peas, like most other vegetables are very easy to freeze.  I think that is why most people choose to freeze over canning.  I make my decision based on personal preference.  I love canned green beans and I hate them when they are frozen. Most of my vegetables I like better canned.  There are a few though that I prefer frozen.  Peas are one of those vegetables that I think taste much better when they are frozen. 

To start shell your peas.  This is the hard part.  I had no clue how many peas I had when I began shelling them.  I only picked one row of peas, but they were loaded.  I actually sat through 1 1/2 movies while shelling these peas!!  So they went in the fridge until I could get them frozen.  I had two of the 2 lb margarine tubs completely filled.  I had a third one that was half filled which we ate for dinner the next day.

1. Peas ready to go into the boiling water

2. Bring water to a boil

3. Place peas in your boiling water and blanch for 1 1/2 -2 1/2 minutes
This depends on the size of your peas. I like using this pan because
it has a strainer basket.  It is a lot easy it get your peas out that way.

4. Drain peas and place in ice cold water.  I use
my clean kitchen sink with ice packs in it.

5. Once the peas are cooled put them in a colander and allow to drain well

6. Put your peas in freezer containers.  I like to use these reusable containers
when I am freezing pints. I use freezer bags for quarts. We don't use
a lot of peas at one time so the pints work great. 

I was so tickled that I got 6 pints of peas to put in my freezer.  We normally only get enough to eat some fresh and maybe freeze a pint or two.  We have another row that is almost ready to pick.  My mom will pick this row to put in her freezer!!


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Oh those peas look wonderful, mine here in burning dry Colorado look so sad:(