Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Greenhouse Part 2

The new greenhouse is coming along nicely.  A little over a week ago we spent the morning putting on the plastic.  What a job that was!  It took 5 adults to get the plastic on.  It was really neat how they did it.  I was one of those five adults so I don't have pictures of the process.  I will have to get the pictures from my mom's camera to post pictures of the process.  We tied tennis balls to the plastic and hooked rope to it.  Then the rope was thrown over top the green house to the other side.  Then with four people pulling at the same time and one person on the inside (me) with a long stick with a glove on it the plastic was pulled up over top.  I used the stick to unwedge the plastic in any spots it got stuck while they were pulling it over.  Once the plastic was over we had to stand at each end on some scaffolding to pull it tight and to secure it in. 

The morning we did it the temperature was a little over 60 degrees Fahrenheit at 9:00am. We put a thermometer in the greenhouse and by 10:00am the temperature had climbed to 98 degrees Fahrenheit inside the greenhouse!!

You can see the big pile of plastic still in front of the greenhouse. This was taken
shortly after we got it attached on the ends and at the sides on the bottom.

The plastic makes the greenhouse look smaller.  But this
picture with my family members in it does show the size it really is!

I like this picture of the side.  It looks so nice.  The sides have two
layers of plastic on it.  The raised garden in the foreground has onions
with peas on the right end.  It is now all weeded out and looks great!

The plastic is trimmed off of the front. It has been tacked down and
the opening for the fans and door has been cut out.

The have fans been installed as well as a water hydrant.  I will have to get more pictures soon and share them.  My dad did put two gourd plants in there that day.  He just had to have some plants in his greenhouse.  Even though it is not finished yet!!

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labbie1 said...

Wow! Nice job! Any idea how long the plastic is supposed to last? It will be so nice to have fresh produce even in winter! Lucky!