Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elephant Toy Box

My 11 year old son took woodworking this year for 4-H.  I kind of encouraged (OK, I sort of forced) him to take woodworking.  I knew he would love it and be good at it.  He is very creative with his hands and enjoys making things.  I am also trying to get him to try new things instead of only doing nature projects.  He is also taking Reptiles and Amphibians.  So he got to take his nature project.

So in order to ensure he would enjoy the project we had him pick out something he would enjoy making and would love to have after it was finished.  We scoured the Internet and found all kinds of great plans.  He finally decided on the plans for the Elephant Toy Box.  It said it was for beginners and it seemed simple enough for him to do.

He really enjoyed learning to work with a tape measure, square, and cross cut saw.  He for some reason really enjoyed using a rasp.  He just thought it was so neat how it rounded corners with ease! The scroll saw was a lot of fun for him too.  After spending almost a week sanding he decided that next year he would choose a smaller project. 

He did eventually get it all sanded and put together.  Then 4 coats of clear acrylic sealer and more sanding with steel wool.  He finally finished it.  I know it is not perfect but for a young kids first project it is pretty amazing.  My husband and I are so proud of him.  He has something that he will have for many years and be able to give to his kids when he is older.  Next week is judging so I am hoping he does well.

It also has a tail on the end.  The brown eye is a large plastic safety eye. It also has casters on the bottom so it can easily be moved around in his room.  Isn't it cute.  He has named it Buddy!!


Paula O said...

That is really cute and I also agree that using a rasp is fun. I always use it to round off corners and it does a wonderful job.

HappyPlotter said...

That's really good, he should be very proud of himself, good luck with the judging.