Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lots of Pizza Sauce

My family loves pizza sauce.  I not only use it to make pizza but also for pasta dishes.  One of my family favorites is Crock Pot Pizza.  A pasta dish that layers any type of pasta with pizza sauce, onion, mushroom, pepperoni, and cheese.  This dish needs a quart of pizza sauce.  We ran out of pizza sauce back in the early spring.  So I know I need to make a lot more this year.

I picked 7 gallons of tomatoes yesterday and after putting the tomatoes through my strainer I had 16 quarts of juice.  Enough to make a double batch of pizza sauce.  To see my recipe and tutorial on how to can pizza sauce look at my post on Pizza Sauce.

Since their favorite dish needs a quart of sauce I decided to can this double batch in quarts.  When I pick more tomatoes I will make another double batch and can half of it in pints.  I will use those when we make pizza. 

I canned 13 quarts of pizza sauce.  Hopefully this will be a good start and we will make it a year without running out of pizza sauce. 

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Ladybug said...

Like the idea of Pasta Dish in the
Crock Pot, Will have to try this
and Come-Up will a recipe..

I cook my Pizza Sauce in the
Crock Pot for 8 to 12 hours
Then place in jars and Freeze it

Thanks sharing ..:-)