Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple Cup Cakes

There isn't any apples in these cup cakes.  In fact nothing really about them is from scratch.  Which is not very typical for me.  But I needed some quick cute cup cakes to take to a church picnic.  Since it is September and it is apple season I decided to make these cup cakes look like little apples.  We have started home schooling again so our day gets busy and I did not have time to make anything fancy. 

So with a box mix, canned frosting, and some caramels I made these cute apple cup cakes.

Just make cup cakes.  Any flavor will do.  These are a cream filled yellow cup cake.  Bake according to the box directions and let cool.  You will need one can of frosting.  I used a cream cheese frosting.  It was just what I had in the cupboard.  Then I colored the frosting red.  Frost each cup cake.  I split those small square caramels like Kraft Caramels into three sections.  I rolled each section up and formed it into a stem.  Next I piped on a green leaf next to the stem.  I actually had a little green butter cream frosting left in the fridge.  So I used that with my leaf tip and piped on the leaves.  That is it!!  The results were great. 

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